The Thing From Another World

MARCH 19, 2007


God bless the existence of this film. Since it's a horror movie that exists, it was "remade" (I'm of the opinion that Carpenter's film is not technically a remake, as it was merely a more faithful adaptation of the same short story that this film loosely based itself on, but for the sake of argument, fine). And that remake was so good, it gives the go-ahead for every remake since. "Remakes suck!" people yell. "What about Carpenter's The Thing?" is the response. "Fuck!" is their counter, and then they shut up for a day or two.

And while Carpenter's is superior in every way, The Thing From Another World is no slouch either. It's disappointing that it completely abandons the shapeshifting abilities of the thing, but it's still a thoroughly enjoyable film. I particularly like the reporter, who at no time seems the least bit frightened or concerned about anything that's going on. He's always standing around, cracking wise and smirking... so he's basically me. I enjoy being portrayed on film, even when said film predates me by 30 years or so.

In fact, most of the characters seem more bemused by what's happening than anything else. In just about every scene, most of them are smiling, being sarcastic, trading quips with their teammates... in fact, the one guy in the whole movie who takes it seriously (the scientist/doctor guy) is hilariously smacked over the head and thrown away by the monster (sulking, expressionless pseudo-cowboy James Arness). That's what you get for being concerned, jerk!

Anyway, highly recommended.

What say you?


  1. Never seen the original, but I love Carpenter's remake. One of my favourite horrors ever. I'll have to check out this.

  2. Oh definitely do. It's a really fun 50s movie.

  3. A great movie, seen it many times and at a younger age it scared me but now I just enjoy the camaraderie between the fellas.

  4. I like this version much more than the remake; it's a much tighter and riveting film, in my opinion. I love the acting, the dialogue, the editing, the cinematography-hell, everything about it. The great scene where the they set the Thing on fire never fails to thrill me; Carpenter must have liked it so much that he decided to copy it at least three times in the remake.

  5. One thing I really loved about this flick is how crisp the dialogue is. One character says their lines then the next person says something almost before they are done. I thought it was funny at first but it became fascinating to watch. I also liked how different it was from Carpenter's version. They are really 2 different stories.


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