The Brain That Wouldn't Die

MARCH 28, 2007


You know you’re in for a treat when the title of the movie changes from beginning to end. It starts as “Brain”, at the end it becomes The Head That Wouldn’t Die, which is actually more accurate. Whatever.

The biggest laugh in the film (it’s not a comedy) comes early on, when two characters who have been at each others’ throats the entire film so far reveal themselves to be father and son. There are also some off kilter line readings and bizarrely half-assed dialogue (“I’ve been working on this for WEEKS!”… are we supposed to sympathize? I’ve been trying to finish Final Fantasy VII for 10 years).

That said, it’s a strange and engaging little movie, complete with gore (an arm ripped off) and populated entirely with unsympathetic characters. The husband is a murderer, the wife is a manipulative bitch, the monster is a monster… It also carries on the fine tradition of ending the film precisely at the second when the bad guy dies. Epilogues are for sissies. He’s dead, let’s move on.

This makes the 2nd film this week that’s better known as a MST3k episode. I need to improve my standards. Or stop memorizing the MST3k guide.

What say you?


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