MARCH 1, 2007


Because Zodiac is such a big (and current) movie, I’m not gonna write too much on this, just a few notes:

- It’s not a horror movie. It’s a detective drama. But whatever, I’m counting it.
- Horror or not, the scene detailing the Berryessa murders contains the most brutal onscreen murder in ages.
- It’s not “too long”. Get some Ritalin. I can’t sit still for four minutes (restless leg syndrome is my favorite “disease” since ADD!) and I had no problem with the length. Tell me what you would cut out to make it shorter.
- James Le Gros’ portrayal of George Bawart is possibly the best impersonation I have ever seen on film.
- Robert Downey Jr: Between this and his amazing self-deprecating joke on the Oscars this week, is officially the greatest man alive that isn’t Bruce Willis.
- Ham

What say you?


  1. you should check out "curse of the zodiac" if you wanna chalk up another 'crap.' though i'd make a new category, 'shitacular.' Ulli Lommel needs to be banned from film making. i'm a huge horror fan, and have watched countless low budge and independent movies...but this one sets the bar for utter senselessness. it says 'inspired by' true events. the narration might be the only positive thing i can point out, and that's because it's so ridiculous. the killer calls himself the 'z-man' and 'the zoo-di-aaaaac.' stringing together countless profanities like, 'i'll fuuuuuck youuuu, i'm the z, the z-man, you are shit and i am gawd.' it's almost hilarious. looks like the whole thing was shot with a hand held cam ala the 'bourne supremacy' on acid.

  2. hahaha thats on my queue, but its far down... your 'recommendation' isn't making me want to move it to the top. maybe if i am in dire need of crap. Course, I may have already had my fill of Uli this month with Boogeyman and Devonsville Terror...

  3. the last good one i watched was the 'black christmas' remake. i really liked it. i don't think any other horror movie has as many displaced eyeballs as it does. there's something about horror movies with christmas songs that makes my heart smile.

  4. BC, your comments are dead on. ZODIAC is one of the best films of 2007. It made me think of the great slice-of-life films that were made in the 1970's--it's more ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN than SE7EN.

    I also agree with you about the length. As Roger Ebert likes to say, no good film is too long and no bad film is short enough. ZODIAC managed to include as much detail and character development as a season of most television shows. Without the extended running time, it wouldn't have been nearly as good.


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