Body Snatchers

MARCH 10, 2007


Here’s another I hadn’t seen since DVD came along. In fact I saw Body Snatchers so long ago I didn’t even remember it had Gabrielle Anwar nudity (I think? I’m no expert but I don’t think they had facial replacement CG back then to put her head on a body double. Anyone?).

Good flick. The credits would lead you to believe otherwise, what with 6 CREDITED writers (including Stuart Gordon), but I think it turned out OK, if too short. The idea is so good it’s been remade twice (three times if you count this summer’s Nicole Kidman thing) and each version has its merits. Rarely does a remake hold any sort of reverence unless the original was sort of lousy. And then, sometimes remakes suck as much as the original, like Amityville.

There’s a hilarious greenscreen mistake near the end, when Anwar throws the kid out of the helicopter. His legs disappear. I rewound it a couple times and laughed heartily.

I’d like to point out that I watched the film as part of a BODY trilogy that aired on the HD movie channel. Bodys’ Parts, Double, and Snatchers. Excellent trilogy!! Also, it’s great that they show the film in HD as there is no HD DVD available as of yet (and likely, never will be, since the film is pretty much forgotten now as it was when Warner Bros. ‘released’ it on like 100 screens in 1993).

Dear Meg Tilly, please come back to movies. I am sick of your sister.

What say you?


  1. No that was her all right. The real Anwar deal.

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