Dead Silence (2007)

MARCH 15, 2007


"Not bad. Not bad at all."

Of course, the comparisons Dead Silence will get to Saw are unavoidable, since its the same director, writer, and producers. Yet it's entirely different, and in a good way. I dunno about you, but I am more creeped out by puppets looking at me than I am by the hitman from The Firm lying on the floor.

It's also a film that gets me excited that HD DVD is so strongly supported by Universal, as it is a beautiful film. Everything is blue tinted (which doesn't make sense in the opening scene, but that's OK) and high contrast-y. Stuff like that is why HD was invented (that, and making sure I am proven wrong, as I once said that DVD was "clearer than life" and now i think it looks like shit in comparison).

Maybe it's because they are sinking their money into providing everyone with the absolute highest quality version of 3 Fast 3 Furious or whatever the fuck that they apparently ran out of money to market Dead Silence. In fact, drink a bottle of beer for every poster you see for it while driving around your town. This will in no way endanger anyone, you won't drink a sip (alternately, throw said undrank bottle at every poster you see of Abandoned, which is long gone). And that is a goddamn shame. But I'd like to think horror fans are smart enough to know that it's out anyway and go support it. And hey, the puppet thing from Saw even shows up in a little throwaway cameo. So pretend its Saw 4 , that'll drive the grosses up near 100 million.

What say you?


  1. I loved this movie too! It drives me crazy because none of my friends knew about it, so I could'nt talk about it! The movie really did creep me out. What I liked about it is that there wasn't a lot of gore and guts, it was just geniunly scary. Did you watch the alternate ending and beggining? What did you think? I like the one they chose.

  2. I haven't had the chance to go through the DVD yet... one stinky thing about this blog is it leaves me almost no time for rewatching movies :(

  3. Dead silence was great i had never even heard of it until i went to caseys general store in my town and they rent movies they had it on the shelf so i rented it.

    What impressed me about this film was the fact that it was similar to classic horror movies with the extra loud spooky sound effects doors creeking, the sound of shoes clanking on hard floors, the opening of the case containing the main character dummy what was his name? Billy? it was eerie very enjoyable flick in my opinion!

  4. This movie was fantastic...I heard about it through a preview at a theater and anxiously waited for it to come out. I was in San Diego just before St. Patricks day and got to watch it in theaters....The old lady in the basement..freaked me grandparents had a basement like that and i was always afraid someone would come from the side like she did...~shivers~ and the ending was fantastic. Its sad that people who dont enjoy horror movies did not appreciate this. My roommate didnt like this movie and said it was i took my Freddy Krueger doll that i've had since i was 7 and placed it by his head when he was sleeping...lets just say..he appreciates dummy's now :)

  5. I'm glad you dug it... it's sad no one saw it in theaters but at least it's sort of finding an audience on DVD... better than nothing i guess.

  6. I am sorry, maybe I am the only person on earth who thinks that velintroquists are not scary at all, but I thought the movie was awful. Even the Alf-episode with the puppet was creepier than this movie. Throughout the whole movie I had the joke with the hand stuck in the arse in mind and couldn't really concentrate on the evilness. Maybe it's because Chucky is the evil puppet of my heart...

  7. One word: amazing.
    I remember this movie really scared me. I don't know if it still would, though. I'm hoping one of the movie channels will air it so I can DVR it, though.

  8. I have seen so many horror movies for a girl my age, but this is definitely in my top 5. The concept that no matter what you cannot scream was one word: brilliant. This is certainly one of those movies I'll watch again and again.


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