Dracula (1931 Spanish Version)

MARCH 30, 2007


I wish all movies had superior Spanish versions filmed alongside the English originals. Think of how many awful dubs would never have come to be, and then we’d also have two perfectly awesome versions of Con Air and Mighty Ducks 2.

Anyway, as far as Dracula (Spanish Version) goes, I like it one more than the Lugosi one, though the acting of the guy playing Dracula is Bumblebee Man-esque at times. The Eugene Levy-ish Van Helsing doesn’t look like he can kick any ass whatsoever, but he’s still good.

I do, however, miss the armadillos.

I dunno. Not much to say about this one, since I watched what was basically the same movie a few weeks ago and wrote about it. Kind of lazy on all fronts I guess.

What say you?

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  1. A sexier, creepier production of the one we all know and love. In fact, probably the only things that are better in the English language version are a)Lugosi and b) Edward Van Sloan as Van Helsing.

    Dwight Frye is iconic in the other version as Renfield too, but while I wouldn't call the Spanish-language Renfield "better", I do enjoy the totally different, more manic take he took on the character. Fun stuff.

    If you're an old movie geek at all, the commentaries on these Universal Legacy discs are great too--with the exception of the guy who does the Frankenstein commentaries--avoid any by him. Snoooooze.


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