Fear No Evil

MARCH 8, 2007


It’s good fortune that I chose to watch this relatively obscure movie today, on the eve of the release of 300. 300, as you can tell from the trailers, is pretty much the most homoerotic movie ever made. 300 dudes with no clothing running around in slow-mo for 2 hrs? Heyooo! The pilot from Airplane! must be in heaven.

Fear No Evil makes an excellent appetizer for 300, since it also revels in homoerotic under and overtones. For example, the shower scene, where the school bully taunts the emo-ish devil by… making out with him. Hmm. Later, the bully grows a pair of tits. He reacts by… once again making out with the devil.

The commentary track is one of the most boring I have ever listened to. Like, “Carpenter without Russell” bad. “The film stock was 7324, 100 ASA…” yeah, awesome. I’ll write that down. WHERE THE HELL DOES THE INSANE DODGEBALL COACH SCENE COME FROM???

Frank LaLoggia’s only other film, Lady in White, is a minor masterpiece that scared the bejesus out of many a kid. This one’s not scary, but the weird homoerotic stuff that comes and goes out of nowhere, the hilariously pansy Devil, and the first rate soundtrack (Boomtown Rats!) make it worthwhile. And it’s worth buying solely for the end credit song, which rivals My Bloody Valentine’s for eyes-widening, jaw dropping hilarity.

What say you?

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  1. So, I watched this the other night. I quite liked the opening sequence when Lucifer was defeated. After that it was a total drag. The females were the worst part. I found them to be enormous, simpering idiots. Insufferable! Also, I've never heard of a high school bully mocking a nerd by forcibly kissing him in the shower whilst both are naked and surrounded by naked peers. I'm sure that kind of thing happens in prison, but that would never happen in high school. Would it? Weird!


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