Deep Rising

MARCH 17, 2007


Because it is St Patrick's Day, I decided to watch Deep Rising, a film where two of the main characters are named Finnegan and Mulligan, which are among the most Irish names ever.

This is of course, complete horseshit, as I didn't know their names until they said them in the movie and I forgot it was St. Patrick's Day until I had to look at the date to write this. Still, nice coincidence I guess. If I had remembered when I woke up I might have watched Leprechaun 6: Leprechaun in the Hood 2.

Anyway, despite being his first film, Stephen Sommers already displays all his trademarks here: Kevin J. O'Connor as comic relief, unforgiveably bad compositing, and characters that usually can't be bothered to act like human beings. But unlike his other films, here it actually works, as the film is a damn fun timekiller. Everyone seems to be having fun, and watching bad guys team up with good guys is always enjoyable. And there are only 11 better things one can do with their time than watch Famke Jannsen run around soaked and shooting.

Speaking of Famke, Claire Forlani was originally cast in her role, but she left for creative differences. I've met the lass, and she's pretty much a bitch, so I'm guessing its not a blight on Sommers' character. Unless the argument went like this:

Forlani: Stephen, for Christ's sake, it's so blatantly obvious that this is a composited shot. the background isnt even the same color!
Sommers: CG! YAY!
Forlani: Fine, I quit!

Yeah that's probably what happened.

Also I should note that the DVD is non-anamorphic, which means if you have a 16:9 tv you have to zoom to watch it at the correct ratio. Fucking Disney. According to Wikipedia, a 2 disc special edition and/or HD-DVD is in the works. A complete dud of a film from 9 years ago that has little following? Well hey, if it's in Wikipedia it must be accurate.

What say you?


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