Drive In Massacre

MARCH 7, 2007


“He’s what you’d call a perfect asshole.”

I usually just call people asshole, with no adjective added. Now I realize that their level of perfection is left vague by my insufficient description. Thanks, Drive In Massacre!

The title is misleading, as there is no “massacre” per se. Rather two murders every couple days. If all the murders were on one night I could see why folks were there, but why they keep returning to the theater night after night is beyond me.

The film was co-written by none other than Buck Flowers, who should be familiar to John Carpenter fans. He’s also the guy playing the red herring that comes out of nowhere and grinds the (already slow) film to a halt. The other red herring halfway through the film also stops the film cold, but at least he shouts “I just wanted to beat my meat!” or something to that effect.

I urge everyone to buy the film, so that the director can afford a light meter next time he makes a film. Even Peter Hyams would consider the film too dark.

But technical, story, and acting problems aside… oh wait that’s everything a movie contains. Oh well.

What say you?


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