I'm On TV Again!

Hopefully by now you've added Chiller to your cable lineup, because if not you will miss out on what may be their most satisfying special yet. Tonight (Sunday the 7th) is the premiere of Great American Slashers, which counts off your favorite horror heroes like Norman Bates, Leatherface, and (yay!) Michael Myers. Who will be #1? Who got left out to make room for the non-American Pinhead? How many times will I be bleeped??? All these questions will be answered tonight at 8pm eastern (5pm pacific), with a repeat airing directly after.

They'll also be showing the other Chiller specials after, and I'm in both of those a lot more than I appear in Slashers, where I seem to have left the building at the halfway point for some reason. BUT, in my place are the people who actually made the damn movies, which is a lot more interesting to the viewer I'm sure. Robert Englund, Jamie Lee Curtis, Derek Mears, Kane Hodder, Heather Langenkamp, and several more icons are all on deck this time around, which is a big step up from the first one (Decade's Scariest Moments) where they only had a couple of movie participants and thus had no choice but to give more screentime to schlubs like me.

But just because you won't see me saying much about Halloween (that one kinda stung - it's my favorite thing in the world and they didn't use ANYTHING I said!) on the special itself, doesn't mean I'll be completely silent on the matter. I'm sure most of you are on Twitter by now, and if you can deal with my rambling about Community and Mass Effect then you're probably following me (at @brianwcollins), so I got a bonus for you. During the 8pm/5pm airing I will live-tweeting the show with more insight and wisecracks, and probably making fun of my own contributions in the special, so keep Twitter nearby if you'd like to read along! But be sure to follow @chillerTV as well, as I will be making all of my tweets @ them so that my followers who aren't interested won't see them in their feed.

Speaking of which, head over to their official page for more info (and a few clips), as well as the schedule for when it will be airing again in case you can't watch tonight. And thanks again to Chiller for having me once again - I am honored to say that I've been in all four of their specials so far, and hope to continue doing so.

And look! This time I don't have a terrible hat on!


  1. Will it be possible to watch it online somewhere or in an archive of some sort? Because I don't have this channel in my country. I would like very much to see it.

  2. Not sure... I know Syfy rebroadcast one of the other Chiller 13 specials, perhaps they'll do it again? As far as I know they don't put anything but a few clips online :(

  3. I will be watching. I have to go to a friend's house, because my cable is...indisposed at the moment. Honestly, don't those companies have anything better to think about than money money money? On a personal note, you look much handsomer--and soberer--without a terrible hat. Do I sense personal progress? A new maturer, more discerning you? If so, maybe it's getting to be time for you to consider a retrospective of my own contributions to film and the artisic community at large? Something to consider.

  4. Those specials were the only remotely decent thing on Chiller back when I still had DirectTV as my provider in October. But even those still had one too many smarmy "VH1 Best of the worst days of your life" types offering their inane observations watering down the proceedings.


    Don't remember them showing Laid To Rest but I'd hate to see how they hacked that one up.

  5. I just saw you talk about Candyman! Gonna keep watching!

  6. I would have put Michael Myers at 1, Jason at 2, and Freddy at 3. And Pinhead is neither a slasher or American.

  7. I watched that! Funny, I have comcast, so I don't get the Chiller channel. But I was house sitting for my fiances parents and they have Direct TV, so they had it and I watched that special. Very cool dude.


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