After months of my hype, the Shocker screening has past. I would like to thank any HMAD readers who attended (including Kristian! Nice to meet you for .2 seconds! Sorry bout that). I would also like to thank Wes Craven, Ted Raimi, Richard Brooks, and Vincent Guastaferro for not only coming to the show at a late hour, but sticking around for the entire movie! That is incredibly rare. I've seen guests leave after their Q&A even for regular hour movies, so to stick around to watch friggin Shocker until 3 am is really awesome and hugely appreciated by both staff and attendees of the New Beverly Cinema.

I, of course, had a grand old time, embarrassing myself with both my wardrobe and my TMI stories in front of 150 people, forgetting roughly half of my questions (will forever kick myself for not asking what everyone thought of the soundtrack), and also forgetting to give away the soundtrack that I went out of my way to buy earlier in the day. Never said I wasn't a schmuck.

A much more flattering portrait of my hosting skills is available at my friend (and New Beverly regular - puts my attendance record to shame) Cathie's blog, please check it out and tell her thank you for letting me steal the following pic!

I hope to have future HMAD screenings at the Bev, so I'll keep you posted if/when they happen. Any movie suggestions?


  1. Dunno if you could get it, but if I were in your geographic area, I would yearn for you to line up "Strange Behavior". I love that movie a little more every day.

  2. Honestly I've never seen Shocker, but shit.... BC, Wes Craven, and Ted Raimi all in one place... that would be amazing.

  3. Please promote this!

  4. Hey BC you did a great job and it was cool meeting you for 2 seconds as well (i knew you were busy so i left you alone to bug ted and wes) haha... But in all honesty meeting ted raimi and wes craven and them being nice enough to take pictures with me was awesome (wes even signed autographs and i wish i would have brought my 3D freddy poster to have him sign). Wes asked me when i first saw one of his movies and i told him Nightmare on elm street when i was 5 and he said "that didnt scare you" than told him my story about when i was 6 and got my tonsils out and got my talking freddy doll at KB Toys...truly a great event. You did a great job with asking questions but i understand you being nervous i was the same with Wes. It was a great night and enjoyable and when you do some more of these ill make sure to show up (if work permits) I have pictures of the panel too if you want them.BUt they arent as close as the one posted since i was half way back in the theater. BUt again great job and i had a feeling it was you in the SHOCKER shirt haha take care

  5. I was a strong supporter of the New Bev's new ticket policy unitl I couldn't make this screening. 8 bucks and change down the drain. Would have loved to meet wes and ted. I've always been a Freddy guy. oh well.


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