Where's BC?

(Originally published on August 21st, 2007)

Back in March or April maybe I went over to where they were filming the Halloween remake. Today as I was editing together the interviews for Bloody I noticed that the scene I watched them film was in the EPK. So I slowed it down and sure enough:

I SWEAR that's me.

Just thought I'd share.


  1. Congratulations! I hope the movie is okay. I love the original too much to think this one will be very good, but I definitely hope it doesn't suck. It would be great if this movie gave new life to the franchise (and made us forget every sequel after H20!)

  2. Hi. Linking up your excellent blogspot!


  3. That's pretty damn funny. From what few throwaway comments you've made about the new version, I have a feeling I know what your opinion is. Looking forward to the review. Like you, "Halloween" is not only my favorite horror film of all time, it is also my favorite film. Hell, my on-line poker name is samloomis13. And with the exception of 3 and 4 I have not cared for any of the sequels. I was shocked at how many people gave Halloween:Water a pass; I thought that one was worse than the ones it chose to forget. Well, maybe not as bad as the sixth one. However, due to my love, I will be too curious to not see Zombie's version, and I have a feeling I will be just as dissapointed as I always am. There's a picture in the new "Fango" of Myers as a kid in the Halloween Mask that really pisses me off for some reason. I love the casting of McDowell however.

  4. Haha my personal email is Loomis inspired as well. I too thought McDowell was a great choice (however, ironically one of the people I first thought of was Brad Dourif, who ended up being cast as Brackett). I actually saw the film a 2nd time the other night and it improved a little. I think it depends mainly on how much remakes bother you and also how much you enjoy Zombie's films (I didnt like Corpses but i really loved TDR).

  5. Oh, "The Devil's Rejects" is an awesome film. I'm very interested in following his film career, and from what I've heard from what people have said after the early screenings is that they just wish he had made his own original slasher film instead of this. I have no problem with remakes per se; I think both "The Thing" and "The Fly" improve upon their originals; 78 version of "Body Snatchers" and the 93 version are good as well along with "Dawn of the Dead" and "The Hills Have Eyes." But I also love the original "Halloween" a lot more than these other films so that might factor in a tad. I go in with as open a mind as possible. And my e-mail adress has samloomis in it as well. Creepy.

    www.superjuventus.blogspot.com would you want to make an exchange banner with me?

  7. BC, I can't tell. Are you hot?


    P.S. What is it with the white face on Michael Myers? Serious, what do you think? Dehumization technique? We prefer our boogie men faceless, devoid of emotion or expression or any humanity at all, don't we?

    P.S.S. My fav Carpenter film is his remake of The Thing. The Prince of Darkness freaked me a little too.

  8. Yeah, the creepiest masked slashers have had more blank masks - Halloween, Tourist Trap, Jason... that whole 'face but not a face' thing.

    As for JC - Things my 2nd favorite after Halloween. I also love Assault on Precinct 13 and Escape from NY. PoD is prob my next favorite. After They Live tho he pretty much fell apart, only Mouth of Madness really seemed like he was trying.

    And I'm actually blurry in real life... odd affliction, very rare. ;)

  9. thats your 1.2 seconds of fame. Good for you! I am actually excited for this movie, i just hope rob zombie didnt make it to much like his other flicks.

  10. I believe the power of Michael Myers lies in the power of Shatner. The idea of Captain Kirk as a remorseless killer is too much for the mind to comprehend.

    The Power of Kirk Commands You!

  11. tellem you can do better than they're doing..xoxo

  12. howdos.
    Do you know if this movie will be a cinema realese or a dvd one?

  13. Like most other countries, i believe it hits theaters in the UK in early October. You know, when it's actually Halloween time. Stupid USA gets in August.

    However, Argentina gets it on... November 1st. What the hell?

  14. that is really cool, to be there somewhere near!
    at 1st i thought u were the character being pulled out of the police car :P

  15. Well... if I was a girl, I would hope I was as ridiculously cute as Scout (car-pulled girl). Hahahaha


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