P2 Interview

While you all patiently await my full review of P2, feel free to check out my interview with the stars, Rachel Nichols (who was also in The Woods, which means I should watch it again) and Wes Bentley (who was also in Ghost Rider, which, like I predicted in the review, is already eligible for a legitimate HMAD writeup because I can't remember a goddamn thing about it).

Anyway, head on over HERE to check out me checking out Ms. Nichols!

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  1. Just wanted to tell people to not listen to all the negative reviews from horror sites about this movie.

    yes - as a HORROR movie it will score low... but if you like 'chase' movies.... then i think you will enjoy this.

    the pace is slow - and i liked it so much i ended up rooting for the bad guy....

    i am trying to think of a good comparison movie.....

    hmmm i can't really... and maybe that is why it is so refreshing. something different.

    but it is not really horror...

    i mean - is the remake of 'when i stranger calls' a horror movie? that is about a girl in a house for the entire movie.

    well this is a girl in a parkade.

    actually... it is a love story now that i think about it. really... but i don't want to spoil anything.

    i hope the official review from this site does it some justice....


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