Listen To BC Talk About Non Horror Movies!

I apologize for the reviews delay - I had today (Monday) off and thus I am treating it as an extended weekend. All three weekend reviews will be up tomorrow (Tuesday).

To tide you over, you can listen to me ramble on about Cirque Du Freak, as well as Gentlemen Broncos and a pair of indie film trailers (both non-horror) as the special guest on this week's Popcorn Mafia podcast! The show, a multiple nominee for Best Film Podcast at the Podcast Awards (vote for them HERE for this year's awards!), features two lovely ladies (Grae Drake and Gariana Abeyta) dishing on movies in theaters, movies hitting DVD, and movies that are on the way. I had a good time recording the show and I was flattered that they thought to have me on as a special guest. I also got to plug Drowning Mona, so I was happy. Check it out!

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  1. Beth Cooper book was pretty good. Not great, but you might dig it. Someone from the Simpson's wrote it...

    I saw the Broncos w/ Phil and some guy sitting 4 rows behind us. We laughed a bunch, he didn't laugh at all. I obviosuly dug the crap out of the book sequences. I also really like awkward humor. Don Carlos playing the piano... no? nothing?


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