I gotta say, I've had a damn good slate of screenings this year at the New Beverly. While some weren't as crowded as I'd like (why was the place like 3/4ths empty for Drag Me To Hell? Fools!), it's been a great selection of movies, ranging from legitimately great flicks (Psycho II) to crowd pleasing awesome types (From Dusk Till Dawn). But this is the first time since Shocker I can honestly say I am doing one of my all time favorite movies: in fact, Neil Marshall's The Descent was actually my #1 choice when we did a "Top 20 of the decade" for Bloody Disgusting back in 2009. THAT'S HOW GOOD IT IS.

Read on for details!

I first saw the film during its US release in 2006, and it pretty much blew my mind - I was legit scared throughout most of the movie, something that never happens. That it was also gory as hell ("really scary" and "really gory" are like oil and water, usually) made it all the more impressive, and as I've said several times, I honestly think the movie would be just as great if it didn't even have the monsters. It also works on repeat viewings - the monsters actually appear more often than you'd think, since Marshall doesn't use a cheap music sting to announce their presence. Yay, subtlety!

The screening kind of snuck up on me, it's actually a week from tomorrow! Saturday, September 17th is the day, at 11:59 pm. As always, you can buy tickets at the door (cash only) or online at Brownpapertickets. The New Beverly Cinema is located at 7165 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036, about two blocks west of La Brea. Street parking is readily available (Formosa is your best bet) and there's a couple of gas stations nearby with ATMs if you forget cash for the ticket and/or concessions (cheapest in town! Popcorn and soda will cost less than five bucks). Working on a special guest or two, but either way I'll have a few DVDs to give out, as well as my usual charming/accidentally profane intro.

Also this might be the last HMAD screening for a while as the October schedule is filling up with special events, including the all nighter on October 1st! So while I'll be there as much as possible, I don't know if I'll be hosting anything until November or so. So if you love me you'll come!

Feel free to post/tweet/link on Facebook, and don't forget to include the awesome poster, which I based on one of the foreign designs as the common "skull-face" design was too complicated for me to figure out. Thanks, and see you there!!!

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  1. one of the few movies I actually bought a special edition of. If only I lived in the states :(


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