HMAD gets plugged by RUE MORGUE!

Faithful HMAD reader Joolee alerted me the other day that my incessant and OCD dedication to watching obscure crap got me a nice little writeup in Rue Morgue, which is the best horror mag going, due to the fact that they are intelligent, honest, and actually fucking review movies unlike their primary competitor, Fangoria, who tells you to see every movie under the sun and then reverses their opinions on them once they tank. And charge you 100 bucks to eat ice cream with Bill Mosely.

Anyway, I scanned in the article if you want to look, but really, if you're reading this site, you probably like horror, so you should be picking up RM every month anyway. 9 bucks gets you a shitload of info (in addition to movie reviews, they also cover games, books, art, haunted locations, etc.), and when the movies are bad, their reviewers are a hell of a lot funnier than I am. But for what it's worth, the writeup is on page 10 of the newest issue (which has The Mist on the cover - I am in good company!!!)



  1. I love Rue Morgue, such a good magazine that also keeps us locals happy. They host Cinemacabre Movie Nights one thursday a month, it's always a treat, especially when they have someone from the movie down for commentary. The Q&A with the crew from Night of the Creeps a few months back was priceless. I've never seen a threater so packed with happy horror fans as I do when going to RM's nights.

  2. Hurrah! Rue Morgue is great, although I usually have to fight to get one of the few copies that get imported over by my shop of choice in 'ole London town.. It's worth the bloodshed though :)

  3. That's awesome! Congrats, Brian!


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