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I know I rarely do contests here, because I try to keep HMAD simple. But when it comes to movies I truly believe in that I feel aren’t getting enough love (read: promotion from their own studio), I try to help. Hence the 3rd HMAD contest: Promote Repo And Win! And the prize is way more awesome than a poster or a magnet – this is genuine MEDIA we’re talking about here!

At last weekend’s Comic Con I snagged some super rare promo CDs featuring 6 songs (it says 7 but the first one is like 4 seconds long) from Repo: The Genetic Opera. And it’s a damn good song selection; two of the songs are ones I specifically pointed out in my review as being standouts. And the others are also full fledged songs that are fun to listen to even if you don’t know what the hell they are singing about yet. Trust me, you want to hear this CD! Here is a video of one of those, Zydrate Anatomy:

But as a bonus, check it out: The CD is signed by Darren Lynn Bousman (director) and Terrance Zdunich (the mastermind behind the original stage play, who also appears in the film as Grave Robber)! So not only are the CDs pretty rare to begin with, this is certainly one of probably very few that are signed by the two biggest creative folks on the film. And it’s the ONLY one that will be mailed to the winner by me!

So how do you snag this kickass prize? Simple: promote Repo on your own site/blog. Post the trailer, post the above clip, make a banner, whatever. Want to sing along to the song and film yourself singing like that one guy from the Weezer video? Do it! Get creative!

Repo is currently scheduled for a very small release, but that can change if enough folks want to see it! The winner will be whoever I think made the best and most creative effort to spread the Repo word to others. We’re talking about a movie that is about as far from traditional as you can possibly get, so your posts should reflect that! And quantity is encouraged as well- if you want to make a post every single day of the week, go ahead! To enter, simply leave a comment on this story with a link to your post. Your post MUST include a hyperlink to the official Repo site ( to qualify. The idea here is to get more people on board with the film, and increased traffic on the official site is the best way to do that for now.

I will choose the winner on August 10th! Good luck! And to everyone that enters – THANKS! I may have no connection to the film, but I DO watch a horror movie a day, and after a while, they all start to blend together and bore me. Movies like Repo, which are original and out there, are the types of movies I wish I could see more often. Repo’s success means more original films and less cookie cutter crap, and so I, and every other horror fan, WILL indirectly benefit from it. “Win-win-win”, as Pam Beasley might say. Also, director Bousman mentioned my beloved Armageddon in his panel for the film at Comic Con, so I kind of owe him.

And now we return you to your regularly scheduled Horror Movie A Daying.


  1. How soon does this contest start? I've already made one video but I don't want to post it too soon.

  2. I've had a banner on my blog since the first day existed! I've already got a cd from Comic-Con, but I'm definitely going to show this movie support.

  3. I think this contest is a great chance for some awesome stuff and promotion. I plan on having more blog entries to show all my friends how amazing this movie will be.

  4. Hey skyler that link will only work for your own blog - so if i go to that address, I'll just see my blog, not yours. Can you provide your myspace ID or something that will provide a direct link?

  5. oh yes of course my myspace url is

  6. do we need to inform you everytime we post something new?

  7. If it's different enough, sure. But like if you post the trailer, then 2 days later you post the clip or something else from youtube, then it's not necessary to send a link again :)

  8. This movie looks like alot of fun. I like the support it's getting. So far I am really intrigued.

    My blog

    My myspace has the trailer but I will add more later.

  9. Hi! I'm here to join, i only have a myspace, not blog, so is this okay? Some of the REPO! pics, i made them.

    I made it when saw 4 came out, and now it has tons of REPO on it! I made the layout too haha, can i get credit for that?

  10. i have a video, banner and the trailer (:
    i totally love this movie

  11. Well, I don't have my myspace page TOTALLY dedicated to the movie, but I do have a blog, videos and links. I've been completely obsessed with this movie since I heard about it (Skinny Puppy website). Saw the link and my curiosity got the best of me. Its about time someone made an original movie worth watching! I've been waiting for something like this for a very long time!

    Here is the link to my MySpace page:KittyCharlette

  12. Okay, So I have been OVERLY obsessed with REPO, scince Darren mentioned it on the "SAW 3" commentary. I have dedicated a whole BLOG to it!

  13. My myspace has been Repo tricked out. I use it for nothing else!

    More to come!!

  14. OMG I'm so in.

    I've been waiting since January to see this movie.

  15. When's the deadline for entries?

  16. The link is on the left of my myspace.

    Is repo themed -->

  17. I've been posting REPO all over everything I have on the internet...and am always trying to find more places to post it!

    It's all over my profile on my LJ:

    On my Myspace:

    And on my FaceBook:

    Not sure if you can see the FaceBook, they're so anal about who can see what pages...

    But heck yeah! REPO needs to be everywhere!

  18. I have the Amber sweet banner from Repo-Opera's main site with the hyperlink on my myspace page: and on my own personal website:

  19. Here's my entry!

    Contact me at:

  20. Okay I've been waiting for this movie sinse like last november I'm so excited for it I can't wait I love the clips and songs I've heard so far and would love to have a signed cd of some of the tracks check out my myspace here

  21. I had put some Repo! things on my regular myspace, but I just made a separate fan pg.

  22. my last comment didn't come with my url well check it out here sorry bout that!!!

    hope you enjoy!!!

  23. Not sure if I I can enter this???

    But who does not want some goodies and a signed cd!

    My myspace page

    My myspace group i started back in Feb!

  24. Here's everything!:

    I'm not sure if you'll get to see it, but:

  25. Try again for real this time lol

    Group i had since feb!

  26. I'm having a lot of fun with this contest. So many of my friends are now interested and asking questions about REPO!


  28. VERY sorry to muck about but Ignore my entry please!i wish to pull out(surgical steel)
    I feel too guilty and should not be entering as I am on The admin section!

  29. Ok, I think I represent not only me, but half (at the least) of St. Mary's 2500 and something students. I'm not from the states, and I don't live there either (sadly) so I don't think I'd be able to get the CD, but what I do care is watching Repo!, when the Soundtrack releases, I'll ask my autn in the states if she can mail it to me. Limited releases don't ever premiere here in Panama, so when I heard the knews, I wasn't only sad, but also very pissed. So I showed my friends the official website of Repo, and they showed their other friends, hense it became schoolwide, everyone wants to see it here, and if a trailer of it came out in theaters here, even more people would die-I mean, REPOSESS!!! to go see it. I think it was stupid that disision made, because most things that are from Lionsgate AND Twisted Pictures are Awsome, but either of these film companies standing alone would also make realy cool movies, hence I wish that this movie would be international, if it were to premere here, it would sooooo win much much money!

    -Jose De J. Martinez
    -Panama City, Panama
    (just in case :P)

  30. Visit my Myspace Page and Click on my Stitches or read my Blog!

    My Page

  31. While geeking and freaking out for this kickass movie to come out and be accessible...

    Let's just say it's hard not to notice I'm advertising and waiting :)



  33. Here's my site:

  34. k so I wrote my post before I knew about this contest but I've been pretty much perpetually ecstatic since I found out about this flick

    Thanks for the chance to win such a kick ass prize

    Also my myspace is decked out with a simple repo theme.

    Thanks again,

  35. i can honestly say that my myspace looks a little unusual b/c i didn't exactly know what the heck i was doing but i really wanted to show my love for repo, so please be gentle, or don't either way i'm a big girl i can take it

  36. Ever since I heard about DLB's new movie, I've talked about it nonstop to my friends and family about how great it's going to be! I'd love to help out Repo! in getting the attention it deserves!

    Made an icon, promo'd the myspace, the songs, the website.

  38. I've been waiting forever for this movie, and I am so pissed it will only be playing in 5-10 theatres.. obviously nowhere near Salem, NH..
    Maybe Boston? I would so drive there to go see it just like I did with Hatchet..

    But I've been in love with this ever since I first heard about it.

    My myspace is all about REPO! all my friends are calling me obsessed, and what can I say? I really am.

    Hopefully I'll win this since I didn't have the chance of going to Comic Con or Fantasia.. ahh *please pick mine* I<3REPO and nothing would make me more happy than an autographed sampler by Darren Bousman and Terrance Zdunich. I was in heaven when Terrance commented me on myspace :)

    Thank you very much.

  39. HEY! Me again. I not only put REPO all over my myspace and facebook, but I also began putting up fliers around my town with the REPO logo and info/web site on it!

    See myspace pics if u want to see the fliers!!

  40. I am the producer for The Darkest Hours tv show. It is broadcast on local O.C. cable as well as worldwide internet on our website We have a mention of Repo! on this show in our noose segment as well as a link on our links page.

    We are so excited for this movie to come out!

  41. Here's a Repo! fanclub on the largest free art site.


  42. Hey, Dude!
    I just saw this last night, and I would kill for a copy of that cd!
    Check out my Myspace profile:

    I will be posting a video within the next two days, hoping to get it in before you make your final decision...but hopefully my site will be good enough! [crossing fingers and slicing throats]


  43. Doesn't hurt to try...

  44. I posted it on my blog (I share with a few other users)

    Also posted it on my lj~ I really love this play!

  45. Click here.
    I put REPO! stuff on my profile & the one & blog on there is about it.

  46. Oh, no! I only just now found out about this contest and I won't be able to get back online until after the 10th! In any case, I still plan on showing support on my blog at and, if you like, I'll send a comment your way when I get done with something fun and creative. I'm a freelance illustrator, so I have some lovely resources at hand...

    I can't wait for this movie to come out. Friends and I already have some of the CDs and clips, but I live in a small city up north where I just know it won't be shown. Stevens Point, Wisconsin isn't exactly on their map, however it is a university city, so maybe...

    Just wanted to show some enthusiasm here. I added a link to your blog from mine and will spread the word!

  47. I've added Repo to two of my myspace pages:

    My twitter:

    My blogspot:

    Annnd, my LJ:

    Oh, and also my AIM: adazechain4satan

    I've also posted the trailer in myspace bulletins and at various message board sites, including this one:

  48. Check out my



    My Teenspot:

  49. Here is my entry.

    If that doesn't work, click on my name. I plan to update as movie news updates.

    I love Repo!

  50. Please Terrance and Darren and Darren know they are getting some coverage in CKCI-FM in Ottawa, Canada on my radio show, eV's Underground. We do webcast and I have listeners dotted all around hells half acre. Last week I did a plug for them and plated some tunes and will play the movie version of Zydrate Anatomy they just posted as well as 21st Century Cure. I sent an email to the Repo Opera's myspace trying to set up an interview and got nada. :-p

    I am also pushing Repo like Gravedigger pushes zytrate, on some folks at on private group of rather rabid music fans, for what it's worth. I am hoping my partner in audio crime, the Lovely Lady Death (who is a music promoter) picks up the smouldering Repp torch and runs with it.


  51. Here's my myspace page:


    I've also been posting about repo to my livejournal, the forums I frequent, and pimping it to all my friends by forcing them to go to the website. :)


  54. I and my friends made a video for Repo...hope you can enjoy...

  55. So, have you picked anyone yet?? I revamped my whole profile just for this! (it was remember!!) anyway, let us know when you've picked someone!!

  56. I'm not a computer savvy kinda gal. Posting the video to my page on myspace is the best I can do. But I'm in with a chance to win I hope!!

  57. I didn't even know about this contest when I embedded the YouTube trailers on my site:

    I'm just a big Anthony Steward Head fan and am seriously looking forward to the movie.

  58. Hi there!
    I'm very excited about this movie, and wanted to make my part about promoting it! =D

    Here's my online Journal page:

    And my main art gallery page: (at the bottom of the journal)

    It's a very much visited space, and I'm a big fan of Sarah Brightman, like many other in this community. I don't know how to make videos, or flashy things, but I can drawn, and made a little fan art to the movie... hope it will peek people's curiosity!

    Thanks for the contest and the news about it!

    hugs from Brazil,

  59. I have the Zydrate Anatomy Clip on my Netlogsite:

    I sooooo want to see this Movie!!!

  60. Wow! It's funny - I remember the expectation back a couple of years ago - Well... Did it live up to the hype?? REPO!!!!


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