A Video With Me Talking About Stuff!

My good friend Ryan Rotten over at ShockTillYouDrop had me on his weekly vidcast show "Choice Cuts" this week, where we discussed the rather grim world of FX guys turned feature film directors. While there are a few notable bright spots (Stan Winston's Pumpkinhead), most of their efforts are rather lousy (If you see that a movie is directed by the Strause Brothers - RUN!). You can check out the video below, or click the link above to see it and all of the other episodes on the Shock page. Thanks to Ryan for having me on!


  1. Great stuff. The thing that always killed the NOTLD remake for me was the fat yellow zombie. There's a scene where someone is whacking it in the head with a fire poker and it so obviously bounces around like an inflatable doll it drives me insane... how did this shot get a pass with Tom behind the lens!?!?!

  2. Totally dug it, dude. But where was Robert Kurtzman? There was some worthwhile gore sequences in Wishmaster. The one he did with Nicole Eggert sucked ass, though.


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