I'm A Badass!

Of all my accomplishments, few make me as happy to be on the writing staff for BadassDigest - Devin or one of his bosses could fire me right this second and I'd still be reading every day. And like any good site, there's "more" than just articles, including a video series simply called Badass Digest With Devin Faraci, which has tackled everything from Pulp Fiction shooting locations to a hidden Nazi bunker in Hollywood. Episode 28 was scheduled to be a roundtable discussion on the current state and future of horror, so Devin assembled screenwriter Jace Anderson (Mother of Tears), Ryan Turek of ShockTillYouDrop, and yours truly to shoot the shit while drinking beers in the middle of Dark Delicacies, the coolest store in LA for my money (runnerup: that one Ralph's that has individual snack packs of baby carrots).

We talked for close to an hour, and it would have went longer but some dickhead had to leave early to go on ANOTHER web discussion - in this case GeekNation's Killer POV podcast with my buddies Rob G, Rebekah McKendry (who just had a baby! GRATS!) and Elric Kane, who owns the Jumpcut Cafe where we do horror trivia (and, on occasion, Horror Movie A Day retirement parties). But they had to cut it down to around 10 minutes anyway, so any more discussion would have went to waste. However! Devin says if enough people demand a "director's cut" of the episode, they'll release one - so if want more of me making fun of found footage movies or sipping on my beer (I had to drive!), leave comments on the Youtube page! And check out the other episodes if you haven't already - they're all pretty different and engaging (for "just" horror fans, there's one where Devin goes to the Universal lot and visits the shooting locations of The Wolf Man and other classic monster movies).



  1. Nicely done! And I can tell you all have good taste by the Lagunitas you're quaffing.

  2. Elric Kane? thats surely not his real name?


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