I guess I need to start taking the posters into account before I pick the film for the monthly HMAD screening at the New Beverly. While I couldn't be more excited to host a screening of the underrated and (theatrically) under-seen Drag Me To Hell, I am rather disturbed by the poster's outcome, which (per Twitter demand!) follows the usual motif of replacing the actor's head with my own. See, it's usually a guy's head I'm replacing, not that of a beautiful woman. So, my apologies to Ms. Lohman, who I hope never stumbles across this monstrosity.

Anyway, the screening will be a blast. It's a great crowd film and a perfect midnight selection; last month's Psycho II was great (and thanks to all who came!), but that's not the best movie to watch at a late hour. However, this one is a non-stop bolt of energy, with Lohman getting abused in a manner that would make Ash/Bruce Campbell wince, not to mention the best dead cat gag in movie history. And yes, this is much newer than my usual movies, but that's because a bunch of you goons neglected to see it in theaters two years ago. Everyone begs Sam Raimi to come back to horror for years, he finally does, and no one shows up even though the movie's awesome. Fools!

As always; the New Beverly is located at 7165 Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles, two blocks west of La Brea. Street parking is available on Beverly and side streets (Formosa is best bet). Tickets are 7 bucks CASH at the door or online at BrownPaperTickets. Working on a special guest (no Sam for sure, he's up north shooting his Oz movie), but I'll have DVDs to give away and my usual silly intro. And it all goes down Saturday, August 27th at 11:59 PM! See you there!

P.S. Feel free to tweet, blog, facebook, etc. Include the creepy Photoshop poster! Thanks!!


  1. I can't believe that this was so maligned! I liked it and I 'm not a big horror aficianado.
    It had creeps and scares galore, so I can't understand why it wasn't more universally received.

  2. I actually did catch a screening of this. And if I wouldn't have to come all the way from the Netherlands to watch it again I would totally come see it again. This movie has everything a horror movie needs, even a good dose of humor. easily in the top 5 horror movies of the last 5 years in my book!
    BC, come do a screening in the Netherlands! ;) keep up the good work cuz I'm considering a vacation just to catch one of the HMAD screenings once!

  3. I loved this movie! I saw it in the theater by myself because no one would go with me, and bought it the minute it came out on DVD!

  4. I thought Drag Me To Hell had a good story but was let down by laughable CGI and other special effects and the usual flimsy acting. Why didn't Rami resurrect the models he used to create the deadites? They looked so much better 28 years ago with incredible textures and weird movements than the sub-computer-game rubbish in this film. As a result, Drag Me To Hell is glossy, cheap (although presumably made on many times the budget of Evil Dead) and not at all horrifying; the horrible idea of being cursed and dragged to hell is quickly belied by the crappy effects. There is a witch but she's a far cry from Rami's possessed souls. The worst scene is the last in which Christine is finally taken down - it’s not worth waiting for.

  5. I also saw this in cinemas. Made me jump a lot! It really is a lot of fun!

    As Crystal said, I snapped this up as soon as it was on the shelves! :)


  6. i love horror movies, and Saw is my favorite series in hooray movies ........

  7. I'm surpried this wasn't more succsessful because it was really good. Maybe Raimi should have released the "R" rated cut instead.

  8. it was ok it reminds me of an neighbour sharon ellis of erdington west midlands and her kids who get her kicks out of telling lies on people the woman needs some help she is a compulsive liar good her the sick woman and her kids toni,shaun the biggiest crook.


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