Mr. 2000

While I passed 2000 reviews a while ago, that's because of all the days I doubled up (or more) - today, August 8th 2012, is the 2000th DAY IN A ROW of daily horror movie watching. The first and hopefully last day I ever missed watching a flick was February 16th, 2007, a full "ton" of days ago. I usually mark such milestones with a "Here's to the next (same number), but alas the streak will end at around 2200 days or so, as HMAD as you know it will be wrapping up with the 2500th review. But let's not think about that sad day! Let's rejoice in the fact that there are enough horror movies in the world (some of them good!) to last that long! If this was Western A Day, shit, I probably wouldn't have been able to hit 1000.

And of course, thanks to you guys for reading! I would have quit a long time ago if not for all you longtime regulars and daily newcomers (and even the anonymous trolls). Give yourself a hand!


  1. Wooooo. As lame as this may sound, I can totally get lost reading your reviews, whenever I watch something I always look to see if you reviewed it (usually you have). Keep up the good work! Oh, I almost forgot, MORE COMMENTARIES!

  2. Along the lines on what Arron said, I always check your site after I watch a horror movie to see what you said about it.

    I watch a movie a week for my own site, and there are times when I struggle to get it watched; how you've managed every day for so long is beyond me!

    It still sucks you're stopping soon, but for now; keep up the good work!

  3. I've been reading this site almost every day for the last four years. My favorite site on the internet. Great work.

  4. Badass, but I'm totally going to start a new hashtag. #sixseasonsandamovieandmorehmad


  5. I am going to be a sad, sad anonymous* troll** when I can no longer do my daily HMAD check to see if BC has seen that new no-budget and can tell me not to waste my buck ninety-nine because the cover art is the only scary thing about it***.

    *Except not anonymous because there's an LJ sign-in option. Sweeeeet.

    **Except not a troll because lurking and/or being nice takes so much less effort.

    ***Why is this? Why? Why do the producers of the most terrible movies always manage to find someone with enough talent to design or at least photomanipulate box art that is actually attractive and spooky?


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