HMAD Screening: Phantasm II

The ball AND Horror Movie A Day screenings are back!!! This Saturday, February 5th, I will be presenting Phantasm II at my beloved New Beverly Cinema in glorious 35mm! I am trying to lock down a guest or two (no luck yet), but guests or not, this is the biggest budgeted Phantasm film and thus the one that benefits most from a big screen viewing! Come on down! Tell your friends! Buy advance tickets HERE!!!



  1. I just finished watching 3 & 4 last week and honestly I think I am more confused now that I have seen them than I was before I had seen them.

    Just... what?

  2. When will you know if a guest will be attending?

  3. Hey BC sorry I can't make this one because of work but it was great seeing you last night at the Hatchet 2 release! I'll try to be there next time!


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