Rob Zombie Interview #3!

I didn't realize until I sat down that this was actually the 3rd time I talked to Rob Zombie since I started writing for Bloody Disgusting. The first was at SDCC 2007, before I had seen Halloween (a few days before, as it would turn out). The 2nd was a phoner, near the film's DVD release. Now he's out for Halloween II, and it was probably my favorite yet. It was much longer than the last Comic Con one, and in a better setting (a room to ourselves, as opposed to a giant cafeteria type room with people conducting their own interviews throughout). Of course, on the flipside, this meant he could easily murder me if he recognized me, but either he didn't or he believes me when I say that I think Halloween II will be a vast improvement on the original (which I honestly do - have you seen that trailer? It looks awesome!). So enjoy this interview, and count down the days (25 at most) until I see II and post my hopefully positive review!


  1. great interview. i want to be excited about H2, i really do, but...yeah...i just don't like the trailer

  2. Great interview! I like how though you are still mixed about the first Halloween there seemed to be a really good connection between you two and genuine interest from you on the next installment.


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