Attn: Those Who Really Loved Halloween

(originally posted on September 3, 2007)

Do you want to be the only person besides me to ever have a headlined review on HMAD? Now is your chance!!! If you really enjoyed Rob Zombie's Halloween and want to explain why, put your fingers where your mouth is (what?) and write out a good review. A few rules though:

1. You must provide a name. If I am getting my manhood, sexual history with my own mother, and mental capabilities called into question for disliking it, you should follow suit.
2. You should REVIEW the film - not DEFEND it against folks like me. Pretend as if you saw it early and no other review is out yet.
3. I'm no grammar wizard, and even spell-check can fuck up sometimes, but it should be in genuine, coherent, and simple basic goddamn English. If you spell every fourth word IN CAPS or in any sort of T9/l33t speak, or if I see the "word" RULZ or any of its multiple-Z variants in the body of the review, I will delete it without hesitation.

Entries should be sent to my Gmail address (FrightReviews at). I will pick the best and post it by Friday, September 7th.

Good luck!

p.s. If the only reason you liked the movie is that it was better than Resurrection or that it had nudity, please see rule #3.


  1. On that note, 40% of your visitors loved Halloween, according to your poll. I found that interesting. Someone must have some review to submit about that.

  2. I wouldn't say that I loved it, but I had a good time with it. Everything I had to say about it I said in my comment on the SECRET POST though, so I don't really feel that's a full-fledged "review."

  3. Hey BC,

    Because I trust your educated judgement I'm not going to see the damn thing. Forget it. Maybe once it begins to air repeatedly on the Sci-Fi channel or something. :-)

  4. Hahaha wooo! Just go see DEATH SENTENCE and/or HATCHET instead!!!

  5. I thought it was a good film, but I cant say I loved it. It had a different feel than the other Halloween movies and was a nice change of pace.

  6. i saw the movie on the sneak preview pass last week and i thought it was just ok, maybe a little less than ok. then i read your 'secret post' and downloaded the 'work print' of the film to see if it was any better. well, it wasn't. it was a real downer for me as i am a huge fan of the series and this was really crap.

    for one, in the original, the music was such a key point of the movie for me and it was what created the supense and tension throughout the movie, it followed michael and was use at exactly the right times. in this new version the same music is used but all in the wrong times and wrong moments, it's almost as if rob zombie had never seen the movie at all or even paid attention to the music.

    anyways, malcolm mcdowell's acting was crap as well, as if he just didn't care about what he was doing or what the original character was about. that was also a huge downer.

    ok, i've said my piece, i gave it time to sink and and 'i do believe, as a matter of fact' (which was awful btw) that this music was a stinker.


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