Scream Blu-ray Set - NOW AVAILABLE!

Hey folks, hitting Blu-ray today from Lionsgate is a great set that features the first three Scream films as well as Still Screaming, Ryan Rotten's great doc about the "original trilogy" (there's also a doc that only covers the first film, haven't seen it yet). From what I understand these are new remasters of the films, and while it doesn't include Scream 4 (coming from Anchor Bay), it should pretty much be the definitive set for a long time as I doubt the Gate and the Bay will play nice and put all of the films together anytime soon. Plus, it's only 20 bucks via Amazon, which is a bargain just for the first film and Ryan's doc alone. You can get it in regular stores as well, and if you're in Los Angeles, tonight (Tuesday the 6th) at the awesome Dark Delicacies there will be a signing featuring Ryan and some of the Scream personnel. So if you're a fan or haven't yet entered the world of Woodsboro, I highly recommend it.

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  1. Is this still just the rated R cuts of these films? Still want to get it either way, but just curious.


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