FrightFest UK Lineup Announced!

As most of you know (and some of you even pitched in for - I am insanely grateful to you!), I'll be headed to London at the end of August for the annual, highly lauded FrightFest. My excitement is already nearly unbearable (it's also the first vacation I've had in over 5 years), and it just got worse today: they have announced the full lineup! In addition to Hatchet II (!!!) and The Last Exorcism, both of which were announced earlier, a whopping 30 films, many of which haven't shown anywhere, are also on the bill, and you can bet me a room temperature beer I'm going to see as many as humanly possible. And I have seen a few already (including The Loved Ones, which if you're going should not be missed!), so I will have a little free time to write and possibly upload some quick video reviews via webcam. Rest assured, Horror Movie A Day will not be starved for reviews!

Some other highlights include Tobe Hooper presenting a remastered Texas Chain Saw Massacre, the premiere of the long-awaited The Tortured (from the Saw producers), and a horror quiz game hosted by Dead Set's Andy Nyman (yes, I will try to enter). In addition, there's a second screen with alternate entertainment, including the fun Star Wars homage Fan Boys, and (YES!) Burning Bright, in which the lovely Briana Evigan fights off a tiger that has invaded her home, which features a small role by none other than Meat Loaf. A shame I will have to miss whatever is on the main screen to see it, but goddamn if that doesn't sound like the most awesome movie ever.

Head on over to the official FrightFest site to check out the full lineup, and also info on tickets (on sale tomorrow, July 3rd) if you are planning to go. It's just 8 weeks away!

P.S. Not to be a money grubber but just FYI, donations are still welcome. It's a very expensive trip (plane ticket alone was almost 2 weeks' pay), plus it will obviously cut into my paycheck by being out of work for a week. So even a few bucks is very helpful and even more appreciated! Help me eat while I'm there!!! :)

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  1. Yay so excited for you!

  2. That's a long way to go just to see some movies. Make sure you get some real fish and chips, doner kebabs, and curry down your neck while you are there too.

  3. Don't miss the chance to see A SERBIAN FILM with a crowd. I know a lot of it plays as cheap shock value, but you'll never see a more insane black comedy. Currently one of my favorite films of the year.


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