Want Some Free Art Lessons?

If you liked Repo (or just cool art in general), chances are you dug the comic-book style art seen in the film, all of which was created by Graverobber himself, Mr. Terrance Zdunich. And if his comic The Molting (Issue 4 is now available for pre-order HERE!) isn't enough for you, you can now take some free art lessons from him at his official site (via youtube). Sounds like a pretty great idea (he describes it as "Bob Ross meets Ted Bundy"); hell, I might even "enroll" myself! It's going to be a 14 part series, with a new lesson arriving each Tuesday until the "course" is complete! And if the first lesson is any indication, The Tutor is definitely going to be the most unique instructor ever. Check out the official site HERE for the first lesson and more info, and have fun!

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