Ebert: Legendary Critic And HMAD Reader!

UPDATE: Do any readers come from Chicago? If so, did this review appear in the print version of the Sun Times? I'd love a copy of it, or at least the issue/date it appeared in so I can order it through the CST website. I couldn't find a "publication date" or anything.

My buddy Andrew from DreadCentral.com alerted me to this a little while ago: Roger Ebert's Last House review. In the 5th paragraph, you will notice that he singles out HMAD's review (as it was the only one online at the time) when making a point about rape scenes in films. Now, he seemingly missed the point I was making (not that the RAPE was tone down, but everything ELSE was, which made the rape scene more powerful, and thus HARDER to sit through and also easier to justify the parents' actions), but I'll chalk that up to my poor writing skills.

And ordinarily I would get kind of mad if someone took part of my review out of context and sort of made me sound dumb, but since it's ROGER EBERT (!!!) I will let it slide. I know he's a smart man, and I've been a fan of his reviews for twenty years. So seeing my name (well, sort of, who the hell calls me "Fright"?) in one of his reviews is fucking AWESOME. Now I'm going to go re-read his review of Armageddon, a film he hates and I love, and yet our reviews sound almost identical.


  1. Ebert thinks the 2009 version is different because the mother also helps kill them off...apparently he forgot about the cockbiting. Eh, he's one of my heros as well, I forgive him.

    Pretty damn cool indeed...Fright.

  2. Ha, I just noticed this in his review just now and immediately popped over here to check out yours. He did indeed mistake your point (and your name) but still, pretty cool.

  3. I only discovered your website today after reading Ebert's review. Glad I did, it's great!

    If you are monitoring your web site's traffic you will probably see a big spike...

  4. cool indeed

    but does he have a HMAD shirt??


  5. Awesome! Welcome!!! I hope you stick around and enjoy!

  6. Why did he call you Fright? oh well. Cool anyways man!

  7. Hey, that's some cool stuff Fright! Way to go! Ebert gave you a nickname and you'll like it!

  8. fuck me! ebert reads your reviews! shit i thought it was weirdos like me. (my wife calls me one cos i like horror films) well he may have got your name wrong, but he did call you well-informed. LOL.


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