RIP Uncle Forry

This is a bummer, but at least he went peacefully and gracefully after a long career. In a way, any horror or sci-fi fan owes at least some gratitude to the man, even if you've never read a single issue of Famous Monsters Of Filmland or taken part in any of his other endeavors. He will be missed, but perhaps more sad a fact: there will never be another soul to embrace and also elevate the genre as much as he did.

Forrest J. Ackerman; 1916-2008

(For those totally unfamiliar with him, the 2nd to latest issue of Rue Morgue had a wonderful series of articles/interviews about/with him - a good a place as any for an introduction!)


  1. What a shame... I had heard he was sick, and his fans were urged to get any last minute well wishes to him asap.

    R.I.P. Forry.

    Goodnight Sweet Prince.

  2. Fans of this genre and those who appreciate horror in the even slightest extent, owe this man a debt. He was an exponent of old school horror and an aficionado of anything that went bump in the night. Cheers (beer raised high) to Forry, a man amongst monsters - in the best respects.

  3. There won't be anyone who comes close to him.

  4. I bought that issue of Rue Morgue that you mentioned and read it with a lot of enthusiasm.

    I've never read an actual issue of "Famous Monsters" as I was too young during the time of it's publication. I did have however an LP record of "Famous Monsters Speak" which I listened to over and over again. I've copied it to MP3 format and I now listen to it on my MP3 player.

    I think I'm going to track down a few issues of FM on ebay.

    The world truly lost a giant--he was old school horror's greatest curator.


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