Book Recommendation!

This book has provided me too much joy (and I've only read two chapters) to not want to spread the word a bit. They're not horror, but Steven Seagal movies are just as awesome as a lot of the stuff I hawk here, so a whole book of review/essays on each and every one of his movies is almost guaranteed a good read. Plus, the author, Vern, is the funniest movie critic since Mike Nelson, IMO (if you think my rants are funny - trust me, I've got nothing on Vern). I've nearly pissed myself a dozen times so far (not really a problem if I DID, since I mostly read it on the can) and I'm only on page 26. It's called SEAGALOGY, and it's readily available (hell, I got my copy at the comic book store). Check it out!

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  1. I don't think your pants are funny. Who told you that?


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