Halloween II Commentary Now Live!!

I know I promised it was "coming" like a month ago on Twitter, but you know me. I'm slow. The big Nightmare On Elm Street retrospective took up a lot of free time, and I was also re-watching all of the Platinum Dunes movies for something that never panned out, though it was nice to take another look at them, since I hadn't seen any of them since their theatrical runs (except for The Hitcher, of course!).

Anyway, instead of supporting their insultingly lazy new Nightmare movie, how about you spend some time with another revival of a horror icon, one that DID have some ideas and creativity on display? I've grown to appreciate Rob Zombie's Halloween II, particularly in its director's cut form, and while it still has a lot of problems, I think it's a much better example of how Rob Zombie would do a Halloween movie, something that was often missing from his first film. And you can hear me explain why in my commentary track, which you can download HERE!

As always, simply download the mp3 and load it into any media player you like. Then cue up your Halloween II Director's Cut DVD or Blu-ray, and start them simultaneously, so that their timecodes more or less match. A few times during the movie I say a line along with the characters (usually Loomis), so that should help guide you if you happen to be out of sync. If my reactions seem to be delayed, then you need to pause the movie for a second or two. If I appear to be laughing at something that hasn't happened yet, then pause me for the appropriate time. As long as the timecodes are within a second of each other, then you should be fine.

Now, one thing I should mention - I was a bit sleepy when I recorded the track, and I sometimes talk a bit lower than normal, and mumble a bit. So you might need to turn me up a bit louder than normal, or turn the movie lower. Luckily, the funnier things I tend to say loud, so it shouldn't hamper your enjoyment.

As always, PLEASE let me know if there are any problems with any part of the process, and let me know if you enjoyed it! Or if you hated it!

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  1. gonna download as soon as i get a copy of the directors cut (not gonna buy it since i pretty much loathed everything not sheriff brackett the first time around)but watched the stepfather wit the commentary n really dug it (commentary not the shitty movie)


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