Commentaries are back.... ish.

OK so in the past year I have managed to record one commentary track, for a movie no one wanted to watch anyway (Prom Night remake). I still plan on doing solo tracks for big(gish) movies, but in the meantime, I will be recording some with Mr. Disgusting and/or Simon Barrett (screenwriter of Dead Birds). We did the first last night, for... you guessed it, CATHY'S CURSE. The plan is to do public domain movies for a while, as we can sync our track up to the movie and release it that way, saving you the hassle of trying to sync it with your iPod or whatever.

Hopefully Cathy will be up in the next week (I've already uploaded the audio to my PC to edit/filter as necessary) on both HMAD and Bloody-Disgusting; in the meantime, check out the awesome site Cultrararevideos for available titles to suggest! Make sure they are on that site (or similar legit public domain movie sites), if the movie is not public domain we can't sync it up without getting in trouble. If the pre-synced version proves to be popular enough, we will consider doing big movies that you can sync yourself, knowing now how much you enjoy our rambling.


  1. Just a quick note to let you know that nearly all of the movies on that site are NOT in the public domain. A quick look shows titles owned by Universal, Warner Bros, etc. So I wouldn't use that as your 100% guide.

  2. Dude, need any volunteers? I'll bring the 30 pack!!!


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