New HMAD Commentary!

With all the hubbub surrounding our new "Video Commentary" series Horror People, Dear Reader over at Bloody Disgusting, I hope you didn't think I forgot about the "solo" HMAD-specific tracks, as I apparently have (being that it's been months since the last one). So to make it up to you, I present you with a commentary for a film I know you all love/hate: ROB ZOMBIE'S HALLOWEEN! Read on for details!

Yes, despite specifically saying that I was done with the movie, I knew folks would request it for as long as I was doing commentaries, so I wanted to get it out of the way before H2 comes along (which, as I point out in the track, I am actually looking forward to). Don't say I never gave you nothing!

As Halloween is most decidedly NOT in the public domain, this means I can't give you the video with my comments already synced up. You gotta do that yourself. So as with Prom Night, first download the MP3 track here (it's about 90 mb). Then load it up on your ipod or whatever else you may use to listen to MP3s. Then load up your Halloween DVD or Blu-Ray. NOTE - This track refers to the UNRATED DIRECTOR'S CUT of the film, and thus will not sync properly with the theatrical (or workprint) versions. I figured the unrated cut is the one that most people own and is also the easiest to find. Press start on the DVD, and then immediately press start on my commentary (they should run pretty close to the same time, but the movie should be a few tenths of a second ahead for perfect syncage).

Now, if the movie and commentary begin to drift out of sync, you need to pause the one that's "fast" for the appropriate amount of time. So, if I begin laughing or commenting on something that hasn't happened yet, pause me. If my reaction seems unreasonably delayed, pause the movie. At times I "sing" along with the score (and also "Love Hurts"), so that should tell you if you're out of sync or not. NOTE - the mp3 is shorter than the movie because I don't talk over the whole end credits.

If you encounter any problems, PLEASE let me know. Also, if you listen to the track, even if you have nothing to say, can you just post a comment here? You can just type a single letter or number for all I care, I'm just trying to gauge how popular these things are so I can decide whether to do more. Thank you.


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  1. Awesome! This is kinda like podcasting (which you should get into) - I'll be listening tonight.

    - Zac

  2. ok, now I finally have an excuse to see this HORRIBLE movie for the 2nd time, feedback when I´m done, Cheers!

  3. Dude, I just finished the cmovie/comentary, it was hilarious!!! keep it coming! the 3 best: "turning the back" "trick or treat" "Mr. Sawyer"
    Kudos, sir, kudos!

  4. I tried to watch it with commentary, but appaerntly I'm one the lucky few with the theatrical version. There was no chicken abortion talk on mine..In retrospect, thank Christ for that..But still, I was looking forward to the commentary. But at least it saved my from having to watch that terrible, terrible movie again.

  5. I've now listed all the HMAD commentaries on Zarban's House of Commentaries. I'll keep checking back for new ones. Thanks!


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