Stepfather Commentary Is Here!!

If you follow my Twitter, or listen to my “Video Vault” segments on the Graveyard Show, you might be wondering where my Stepfather remake (or as I like to refer to it, Stepfauxther) commentary went. Well, it’s finally here! Rejoice!

So why the delay? Well, in order to upload the track, I first need to digitize it from my recorder, which occurs in real time, and I can’t use the computer while it goes. So finding time just for that (plus setting it up, which is a pain) is troublesome enough, but the first time, it digitized too “hot”, making my voice distorted. So I had to do it again, again when I had time to it. Then, even worse, after about 20 minutes, I apparently forgot to sit still (in addition to general fidgety-ness, I suffer from restless leg syndrome - people have refused to sit next to me at the movies), resulting in a horrible, hollow knocking sound playing over the entire thing, as my shaking legs were brushing the part of the couch that my mic stand was “attached” to. This resulted in a far more time-consuming editing process than usual, as I needed to remove as much as I can so it would still be listenable. If I had the time, I would have just re-recorded it, but that would be another four hours (2 to watch the movie, 2 to upload the audio). So instead I just hacked away at the track. You might notice I’m not as chatty as usual - that’s because a lot of smaller quips were deleted due to the knocking sound drowning them out. You’ll still hear it, but trust me, it was 10x as bad before I edited.

At any rate, it’s now HERE. As always, simply download the mp3 track and put it in any media player you wish (I have found a new one (new to me anyway) called the VLC player that I quite like, if you’re not satisfied with WMP or whatever). Then put on your Stepfather remake DVD (make sure it’s the unrated director’s cut!), and start my MP3 as soon as the FBI warnings go away and the movie actually starts. The timecode should match up (if you’re half a second off it’s OK); 1:05 on the track should play at 1:05 on the movie. If you notice me laughing or reacting at something that hasn’t happened yet, pause me. If my reaction seems delayed, pause the movie for the appropriate length of time. I forgot to say lines along with the movie until near the very end (“Who am I here?”) so I apologize for that. But as long as the timecodes are in sync than you should be good to go.

Enjoy! Any problems, suggestions, concerns, feedback... let me know! I promise to have the next track (Halloween II) available soon. And I promise to sit still when I record it.

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