Cathy's Curse Commentary Now Live!

Here it is!!! A pre-synced (that's movie and commentary) Quicktime of the Cathy's Curse Commentary!!! The file size is 200 mb and worth every byte. But for those wonderful souls who already own the film and would rather listen to my rambling on your home theater, you can download an mp3 of JUST THE COMMENTARY TRACK right now! Simply begin the track at the same time as Cathy. Read further for technical hints.

Best way to tell if you're in sync is when the father says "Your mother's a bitch!" about 45 seconds into the film - if you hear our snickering immediately after, you're good. If our reaction seems delayed, then pause the movie for the appropriate amount of time. If we laugh before he finishes the line, then pause the commentary for the appropriate amount of time. If you look at the "time elapsed" times for both the film and the audio, they should be just about the same (less than a second's difference). The commentary track runs another minute or so longer than the movie because Simon and I kept talking. Of course, if you wait, the work will already be done; besides, how many of you already have a copy of the movie anyway?


  1. Cool. I'll pull out my copy of Cathy's Curse and give it a whirl. Thanks.

  2. Oh man, I just checked out a clip of this on YouTube and it is pretty much genius. I'm snagging the movie/commentary. Cheers for this! :D

  3. Hey, I've been trying to download the Quicktime version, and it keeps saying "the link you followed is expired or invalid." I'm wondering if it's not available anymore, or if this is because I live in China right now and it's some crappy Chinese internet problem?

    By the way, I love the site! I read it every day!

  4. Yeah, must be the chinese thing... try the iTunes version and see if that works:


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