Terror Toons

DECEMBER 12, 2007


The best, and pretty much only, good thing I can say about Terror Toons is that it’s the best movie I have seen so far on the Decrepit Crypt set. Out of two.

Otherwise it’s just a mess. I THINK it’s supposed to be funny, but it’s not, which makes about 90% of the movie fail from the start. We have guy in drag playing the mother of two girls who are supposed to be like 16 and 18, played by 20 and 34 year olds, respectively. OK. The plot about cartoon villains invading the real world is even stupider than it sounds, and the effects, cartoonish or not, look like shit.

Granted, there is a certain charm at times to the film, particularly in the opening sequence, which combines intentionally (I think) childish 2D cel animation with a “torture” scene, but it’s nowhere near enough to make the film even remotely worth watching. After that scene, it’s just one painfully unfunny scene after another, without a single thing such as inventive gore, wit, or even competent filmmaking to make up for it.

Also, cinema’s worst Devil. Ever.

The sad thing about this is that this movie was pretty much the only one on the set I had ever heard about before (not counting Matthew aka Scream Bloody Murder), and even looked forward to seeing it. Anyone who knows me or has read my reviews that allude to my cartoon knows how much I love the idea of combining humor and horror via animation. And yet the movie botches so much, I barely even THOUGHT about my own creation while watching this goddamn thing. I’m a pretty self-deprecating guy, but even I can safely say I could do a lot better than this.

Some folks I talked to (OK, one) got this mixed up with Evil Toons; which is pretty much the same movie from what I can gather. But it can’t possibly be worse, right? Anyone care to elaborate?

And I know someone else has the Decrepit set... tell me these are among the worst on the set, because if not I don’t think I will be able to get through the whole thing. I’ve already put the box back on my shelf at home rather than in my desk at work (which is where I would watch them, if ever).

What say you?


  1. Terror Toons is like a bad, hazy memory from my high school years. My then-boyfriend at the time and I would rent every terrible looking horror movie at Blockbuster, and this was one of them. Your perfectly brief summary makes me think I should revisit it. Maybe.

  2. No. Terror Toons is seriously the best movie on the set.

    I have to applaud you, as I cannot believe you actually sat through yesterday's movie without fast forwarding. Hardcore.

  3. I'm starting to be afraid of my Decrepit Crypt of Nightmares boxed set...

  4. I haven't seen Terror Toons, but the plot of Evil Toons is as follows: a group of moderately attractive girls finds an old book that bears a more than passing resemblance to the Necronomicon, and accidentally use it to summon a horny demon that strips and rapes one of the girls, possessing her, and then using her body to attack the others. Also, David Carradine has a cameo in it, because he is a whore.

  5. Well that sounds a BIT better...

  6. I saw reviews about it (some time ago), I was warned and still....I TRIED to watch it, I though it was that kind of movies that are "so bad that they are actually good", BIG MISTAKE!, I couldn't pass beyond the 15 minutes mark, right after they kill the big boobed girl, (who by the way doesn't even flashed them)unfunny and stupid beyond belief,and I really would wish to think I never even queued it in my netflix list...

  7. uh...Care to review the sequel?
    just kidding.


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