DECEMBER 29, 2007


Female Cop: "Did he urinate on you?"
Rape Victim: "What?"
Female Cop: "Did he urinate on you, or defecate?"
Rape Victim: "They DO that?"
Female Cop: "....some do."

Now, not that I find rape funny, but exchanges like this should only be delivered by good actors. When it's two BAD actors saying them, as is the case in Lipstick, then it just becomes sort of silly, which is a problem that plagues the entire film. It takes itself deadly serious, but there are so many elements that make me chuckle that it doesn't work in any genre.

Chris Sarandon plays a music teacher who makes truly atrocious music (think Brian Eno, only worse). We have to endure this nonsense several times throughout the film, and even though it's acknowledged as terrible (albeit more or less in passing), it's still a major distraction. But since he's one of the few good actors in the film, he actually pulls off making you believe HE thinks the music is good, which of course, again, just makes it funnier.

There's also a line of dialogue straight out of the most exploitative revenge film: "He tried to kill me with his cock!" Now, if this was a Ruggero Deodato movie, that line would probably be in the trailer. But when it comes from a bad actress in the middle of an otherwise pedestrian, SERIOUS scene, it's just jarring.

The revenge segment is limited to the film's final moments. In fact, if anyone bothers to check this one out, I highly urge you not to read Netflix or Blockbuster's description of the film, as it details things that occur in the film's final 15 minutes. Which is unfortunate, because not only did it spoil what was a bit of a surprise at the end, but also made me think the film was indeed more of a typical rape-revenge thriller, instead of an occasionally ludicrous courtroom drama.

What say you?


  1. This played with "Saturday Night Fever" at the local drive-in. I was about 5 and spent the evening in the back seat of the family SAAB, under a blanket. My mom still contends that she had no idea.

    I did get to watch the dance scenes from SNF, but that was about it (I seem to recall my mother saying "blanket" when there was something objectionable on the screen).

    I have actually never seen this movie, but based on what little I remember when I peeked out from under the blanket...I'm not going to search for it.

  2. since i'm trying to watch as many of the films that you have (because i have a little one, and it's hard for me to watch the whole film, maybe i should call mine half a horror movie a day lol) even this crap. i think the worst line of the film is by mariel "my mother and father, i've been thinking about them. when they died, they were coming to pick me up. they crashed. they got into a crash. wtf! i hope there isn't to many dumb films to watch like this one. roll on the next one!


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