Open Water 2: Adrift

AUGUST 6, 2007


I wasn’t too big of a fan of Open Water (There! I said it!). I hated the main characters (go sharks!), the digital video wasn’t the best, and there was some really bizarre/awful editing going on. At one point a boat is coming toward them, and rescue seems imminent. Then they cut to the island they left from, showing a bunch of folks milling about. Cut back to the couple, not rescued or mentioning the boat ever again. What?

So really, the only reason I watched Open Water 2: Adrift, besides the obvious, was because no one from the first film was involved. Incidentally, the film was originally just called Adrift, but the Open Water name was slapped on to cash in. It’s like the good old days of Italian horror, where they’d just slap a 2 on any of their silly movies and call it a sequel to some American hit (there’s like 4 different “sequels” to Last House on the Left, for example).

So I was as surprised as you to discover that I kind of dug this one. However (I say that a lot, huh?), there are two glaring problems with it. One: NO FUCKING SHARKS! Granted, again, this isn’t a real sequel, but what the hell possessed them to even consider using the name when there aren’t any goddamn shark attacks? Why not call it, I dunno, Home Alone 5? And don’t give me that “the real terror was the terror of being in the eponymous “open water”. Bullshit! The real terror came from the SHARKS! You don’t see Discovery running “Treading Water With No Rescue In Sight Week”!

But that’s OK, because even without any actual antagonist, it’s still pretty suspenseful and even a bit melancholy. And the score is fantastic. However, the suspense would be nil had the characters not been, without a doubt, the dumbest goddamn people I have ever seen in a horror movie. Whereas the “first” film presented a convoluted and nonsensical reason for the 2 being left behind, these geniuses are stuck in the water because they didn’t put the ladder down (maybe part 3 can just have a guy stuck in the water because he forgot his boat entirely). After like 10 straight minutes of trying to jump the 5 or 6 feet to the railing, they begin a series of stupider and stupider plans.

First they try grabbing on an American flag attached to the mast (or stern, or whatever. Dammit Jim, I’m a horror movie reviewer not a sailor). Anyway, it rips. But maybe it wouldn’t have if they had the borderline anorexic chick try to climb it instead of the beefiest guy. Same goes for the makeshift rope they make out of their bathing suits a bit later. The 90 lb girls keep treading water, and the 210 lb dude tries to climb it instead. Plus, it rips, and they don’t even try again, even though they have more than half of the rope still available (not to mention one of the other girls is still wearing her suit). There’s also a cell phone that they immediately soak and kill.

Here’s the real dumb thing though: they have a knife. And yet it takes hours and four deaths for the survivors to finally figure out that if they stick the knife into the crack where the ladder compartment is, and have one guy hold on, someone else can climb up his back and onto the boat. This is a plan that anyone with half a brain probably could have come up with in about 12 seconds.

They also never think to have one of the girls climb on one guy’s shoulders while the two other guys hold him up. Oh and there’s also a few little porthole thingies that one of them holds on to but again, none of them think to try to use them to pull themselves up or have someone else climb on their back as they hold on.

And yes, true to form, two of them actually die SPECIFICALLY due to stupidity. One hits his head on the bottom of the boat; the other gets stabbed with the knife. Schmucks.

The ending is a bit vague, or to be more specific, incoherent. It looks like they filmed two endings but weren’t sure which one to use, so they opted for both. One is real depressing, the other is just sort of “what?” However, in both, a baby is crying.

Supposedly this one was based on a true story as well, but I can find no evidence of this (nor is there a commentary track, and the featurette is mostly clips and the actors discussing their characters). Either way, it’s a surprisingly decent DTV movie, albeit one that requires the characters to be borderline retarded in order for the film to work.

What say you?


  1. maybe part 3 can just have a guy stuck in the water because he forgot his boat entirely.

    i just lol'd at work, and im not supposed to be online!

  2. Very well... future reviews will be work safe. No humor whatsoever.

  3. Hey you are really funny :) and you've got an interesting concept for a blog! I'm a horror buff too...more to the zombies and suspense genre. Will be checking back regularly.


  4. Welcome aboard!

    Yeah I like mostly slashers and zombie movies, except that with those you run into more garbage. So i try to balance it out, but as you can tell from the list, Slashers get the most attention...

  5. i am still a bit confused as to whether the two remaining died?

  6. The director said in real life they all died. But like I said, it seems the movie had two endings, one where they die (the plane circling the boat) and one where at least one of them lives (where one is standing over the other on the boat). Kind of weird.

    1. I just saw on Wikipedia that the director indicated that they all die bu the baby and her mother. This is a really funny review! I like the shark week joke :)

    2. I just read on Wikipedia that the director indicated they all died but the mother and the baby. Not sure why that strange fisherman part exists. The blog is really funny. I especially like the shark week joke :)

    3. Wiki is wrong. Only baby survived. The mother looks at the body of the guy she tried to save and realize she is not alive. She's a spirit/ghost, that's why fisherman see nobody.

  7. This was great, enjoyed your review more than the movie- you echoed what I was thinking in that the only reason there was suspense was that you were fascinated to see how these half-wits would figure it out.. also, laughed out loud about the dual endings- excellent! :)

  8. For what it's worth, my take on it was that the proper ending was when the boat circled the yacht at the end and the baby could be heard crying - everyone else dead. The next bit (last scene before credits) was a flashback to earlier that morning. The girl had saved the "owner" of the yacht thus banishing her demons from when her dad died (as she failed to save him from drowning). Unfortunately boat owner was now dead anyway and so said demons returned (she can't seem to do anything right!. She now obviously was not now bothered about the baby as she did not react to it's crying anymore. Conclusion she threw deadman on deck back into the sea and shortly afterwards jumped in herself and drowned. QED!

    Just a thought!!

    P.S. Apparently the woman who we didn't see die (she swam away) has just been spotted off the coast at Dover!

  9. For what it's worth this is what I think happened at the end...
    Chronologically speaking the actual ending was when crusty sailorboy chugged round the yacht (well his boat actually did the chugging I think!) and swa no one on board but heard a baby crying. The film would then end with everyone dead. That would have been too open-ended so...
    Cue flashback to the morning after the girl in life jacket had tried to rescue yacht owner (who actually wasn't because he was apparently a fraud). Now she obviously rescued him because there he was on board, although not appearing to be in the best of health? Her rescue attempt should have allowed her to banish her demons, and subsequent fear of water, because of her failure to prevent her dad from drowning all those years before. However, her demons were now back in town because she had inadvertantly failed to keep the fraudster/yacht owner alive, thus kind of defeating the object of trying to save him. This was judging by the look on her face at least. Anyway she is thinking about topping herself at this point as she is not in the least bit concernewed about her baby crying. So she drags fraudster/yacht owner back overboard and shortly afterwards surrenders to the deep herself. Crusty sailorboy comes across this situation at an undefined point later that day. The two scenes are reversed and a film is complete. QED!

    Anyway it was just a thought and probably makes no sense in any case!

    Apparently the girl who swam away in a bid to get off the film set has just been spotted off the coast of Dover!

    Sorry for that last bit...

  10. I totally agree with your review. I just watched the movie and was in pure amazement how dumb these people are. But having said that, if they were smart and was able to get back on the boat right away or they didn't forget to put the ladder down, then there won't be any movie, right? I sail and we sometimes swim when there is no wind but you never know when wind returns (and oftentimes, it returns suddenly), so usually someone is left on the boat especially when not anchored!

  11. I came on to this movie as the last couple jumped into the water. I know nothing about boats but I do know about mothers - preservation of one's child is stronger than self-persevation, in most cases. Once she heard her baby cry that mom would have gotten on board if she had to grow wings and fly. However,(to borrow your fav word)they could have tied her jacket to the "rope" and threw it on board and helped one of the girls climb up.Although they had no anchor they appeared to be in a boating lane (we know at least two boats passed)so eventually some help would be along, Their goal should have been to stay together for warmth,stay calm, take turns treading water and floating, and pray. Oh, and they could have used the rope to gag and tie the freaked out girl.

  12. Good review. I liked "2" more than the original, although it has serious logic holes.

    The biggest hole: I thought we were headed to a strong conclusion with mother and child, leaving our imposter captain to swim or drown. I said, if she jumps back in to get him . . .

    And then she did. The movie lost all its reality bearings at that point. That, or this is the most irrsponsible mother of the 21st century. And if so, who cares about the outcome? Take the kid away from her!

  13. How can anyone like stupid? The entire movie was stupid! It had great potential until it came down to the end. If it was a true story why couldn't they tell you what really happened in the end?

    They failed to stick to the facts. It's not a true story - it's a scam and a fraud. I hate movies like this that make you waste your money.

    What in the world did I pay for? I paid to insult my intelligence?

  14. The weakness of the movie was also the strength of the movie. These characters were so incredibly stupid and the movie had them be that way at exactly the wrong time, so they could continue to be stuck in the water. It had to be that way, or else the movie would have lasted 20 minutes. Once I accepted this, I could enjoy the movie for what it was ... a comedy. I was surprised to see the last two have a chance to live in the end. More than I expected.

  15. lol lol
    "maybe part 3 can just have a guy stuck in the water because he forgot his boat entirely".
    I think you have yourself a plot!
    Fab Review

  16. P.S. Apparently the woman who we didn't see die (she swam away) has just been spotted off the coast at Dover!

    OMG I just wet myself, LOL! I had wondered what became of her.... I hated the movie. It was ridiculous and boring, I also didn't appreciate the lack of a real ending.

  17. I owned this movie on DVD and it's great. I like movies that depicits terror and this is perfect as I enjoy watching the expression on these silly characters faces. Can't believe they forget to lower that doggone ladder, but that's what they get for doing this.

  18. Great review. Just two things:

    True or not, this story is a nautic legend far older than this movie. My father (who loves sailing) has told me about it when I was a kid, but I couldn't find it on nor anywhere else.

    It is virtually impossible to get onboard without a ladder unless the yacht was in fact designed with such a situation in mind. It's really annoying, though, that none of the dummies ever tries any smarter tactic. If they had tried anything more decent the audience would get to the end of the movie aware that it is in fact impossible to get aboard (wow, it would even be somewhat educative).

    Of course, the outcome could be better if the six were a synchronized swimming team.

    Anyway, it's a sad thing that we can now expect several parties drowning on open water just trying to prove the movie was wrong.

  19. I was confused about the ending so I searched for the true story.
    The girl who swimed away, died of course, it was impossible to reach land. She was on open sea.
    The mother and the ex-boyfriend:
    she jumped in the water to save him. She managed to get him on the boat, but he didn't survived.
    The final conclusion: When she looks around her...shes hellpless. Her baby is crying but she can't do anything because, she doesn't know how to sail a bout. She doesn't have any kind of comunication, she's all alone in a boat, and has no knowledge about sailing. So getting on it was indiferente to the end. She and her baby died, because they had no suplies of food or water until the old strange sailer found them.The baby crying is the connection between the two final scenes.
    If you pay attention the old sailor doens't actuallty hears anything when aproaching the boat.
    Stupid enought like the movie lol.
    Altought it's stupid, it's the end that makes more sence to me.
    I'm sorry for the language errors. Not in the mood to correct my bad english.

    Be well

    Good movies!

  20. uh Nephtis where did you find this confirmation of the true story? linkage? everywhere else i've seen says the director basically just said it was real to qualify the "open water" addition. my keyboard is covered in blood from all the googling i've done and still nothing. anyways, i ended up here and your review is classic. home alone 5? lol, nice. i'm gonna go check what your horror movie today or yesterday is now.

  21. I think everyone is trying too hard to solve the ending to this movie. Reading the (funny) review finally brought it all together for me. As it turns out not only did the characters have to be border line retarded for the movie be believable but also the director. So the spliced ending was there just show that all involved were challanged so we all walk away believing that it was based on a true story

  22. So I watched this movie last night...and I was really confused if it was a true story or not, and the ending! Why in the world would you bring an infant on a boat?? But early in the movie before the ex boyfriend throw the girl in the water. She said something that she didn't want her daughter to have the same fear as her, so i'm thinking maybe the 1st ending with the man coming up on there boat what it should of been. Because sarah would be like her mom, its going back to her mom's childhood...???

  23. I hate these silly films that apparently are based on 'true stories' could they possibly be true when all the characters die and therefore theres nobody left alive to tell someone the story? All the bodies would have floated away, so theres no evidence for what happened.How would we know it was because the ladder wasn't down, when the old sailor man comes and the ladder is down?? Unless we are meant to presume the swimmer girl reached the shore and alerted this sailor? Or perhaps baby sarah was a miracle child and managed to speak??

    1. Haha the ladder was down before the mother stupidly dove back into the sea, remember? That's the first thing she did when she climbed on the deck.

  24. I've just watched this for the first time and found it utterly disturbing, but then I'm a mother of a 6 month old baby and my hormones are raging... I found myself screaming at the screen "JUST FEED THE BABY" when she finally got back on board and hugs her little girl trying to comfort her cries. She's starving give her some friggin milk dont go diving back in the water to save the loser who mysteriously wont get back on board!

    I really don't know who else would find this movie remotely disturbing but for first time Mums it's a scorcher! So much so I've come online to find out what really happened to that poor baby!

  25. just saw this the other day and wanted to find out if it were true and what the hell the ending meant...and got irected to this site - very funny 'review' and I totally agree - actually after reading all these comments....I've realised it was JUST A MOVIE and also yes - thick people are all around - the soltuion to getting back on board was so ovbious!!! ut it took 4 deaths and almost all the movie to figure it out....
    the message earlier saying its impossible to get on a yacht without the ladder - surely if someone got some sort of purchase (as the guy did with the mask glass) then you could climb up over him - as she did????

    I watched the whole thing though - but it was pretty frustrating - though oddly gripping....
    the baby emblem seemed a bit much to me - I assumed the bby cried for 1 minute and they filmed that..from different angles...otherwise - wouldn't it be child abuse????

    1. I suppose it only would be if they made the baby cry. But if it was already crying they just keep the cameras rolling. They also specifically audition crybabies, that way they don't have to wait (less studio costs!) I know this because I watched a documentary on it. The mothers have to sit with the director and they cannot interfere. Otherwise it affects the pay.
      It's a sick world!

  26. whats the ending? i dont get it.. its like they have 2 endings.

  27. I agree with Anonymous from December 10, 2008 1:24 PM... Im a mother to a 12 month old... The first thing you'd do after getting back on board os whip your boob out for that poor hungry baby and change its nappy!!!FFS... Also when shes deciding wether to jump back in or stay with her baby, i dont think any mother would choose some tosser over her child... It was sad and made me cry because of the baby.. Couldnt give a toss about all the adults dying tho!!!

    When she jumped off the boat to rescue the guy the platfor was down but the ladder was still folded down. When the fishing boat came the ladder was going up to the deck... Who put the ladder up? She must have got back on board... So maybe she did jump off again cuz the other guy was dead... But again a mother wouldnt... Im angry and im still a lil sad cuz I just finished watching it! Stupid mummy hormones!!!

    1. But why drag a dead guy on board? Unless it was her husband. Kind of hard to tell who it was with his face down.

  28. Hey its just a 5/10 film based on an old sailors story

  29. HAHA I just watched the movie at 5 am this morning while completely baked. I stumbled upon when they were opting to make the bathing suit rope and one the dudes made a crack about the chicks bikini floss. I it t immediately recognized the brunette chick in the life jacket as the psycho nut from OTH, and another dude as a prominent doctor show actor.
    Cliffnotes: As stated in the post above the two prettiest people are the last to die.

  30. Just saw it myself.

    The ending was... dissapointing give its vague nature.

    But, as for the review, although the group was fairly thick-headed... getting back onboard was a lot harder than it looked.

    The handholds they used at the back of the boat would never have helped them up onboard as that part of the boat is a major overhang. It would be impossible.

    The one character was going to, I think, cut a whole in the boat to flood part of it. This would lower its draft in the water. Not sure how practical that is, but it might work well enough to get onboard.

    The part that is probably not well apprechiated is just how tired you get treading water that long (and the fact its cold). Even if the climb was less ambitious, it might still be impossible.

    Their best chance would have been to work together right away. The longer they took, the less likely it was they'd make it.

    I didn't mind the lack of sharks. That would have been too easy.

    -- David

  31. my mom hated the ending very much. makes people confused. she regrets that she watched the movie.

  32. Regarding the ending: Just watched the German version of it, and after the final scene there is a tacked on statement saying Amy, Dan and Sara all survived, but never saw eachother again. Wonder if this was added to the international editions based on the initial response to the ending? Personally though this info made the ending worse for me - ambiguous can be good, confusing is always bad.

    I can only agree with most of the comments - the characters were all pretty stupid - and though it may well have been impossible, and people do panic in extreme situations, I would have found it more realistic if they had tried a couple of the more obvious solutions early on. In this way, the earlier Open Water was much better - although since the couple there weren´t really in a position to try anything... There we also had a sense of the time-scale, here it was really hard to tell - were they in the water for hours or "real-time"?

    Actually, I think it´s too bad, because this movie was originally conceived long before Open Water, and with all the symbolism (think of the ship´s name, or the torn U.S. flag) and ambiguity, it might have been something more intelligent and interesting if the studios hadn´t decided to sell it as Open Water 2.

  33. I accidentally clicked on this movie and then I continued to keep watching it in utter amazement at these people's immense stupidity. It was like a train wreck you know it's bad, but your curiousity makes you keep looking. But the ending was just topped off the whole stupid thing it was completely horrendous, in fact it lead me to this page just to see what others thought, or if possibly I missed something. Maybe the director was leaving it open for another sequel this time called Brain Dead 3: Floating Face-up!

  34. Oh my goodness.. What a major stoopid movie this was!!.. The strategies tried by these guys was all in wrong order.. which just took away the realistic factor out of it.. I mean cmoooon.. u have 6 adults.. and not one of them could think right??!!.. The sudden realization of how to get onboard made me laff out loud.. They might as well have turned the movie into a fantasy and have the kiddo suddenly have powers beyond her age and have her lower the ladder for these very unrealistically low-on-IQ characters!!

  35. wow, first let me say i have never been compelled to comment on a movie before watching this one. what can i say i was hungover(still hungover) and i needed something mindless to watch and boy oh boy did i get just that! I agree with everyone that they could have tried so many different and/or better solutions in a much better order but the ending is obviously what sent me straight to google the hell out what the ending really was. Im not a mom but i am a psychologist and it seems very unlikely that after surviving such a horrific ordeal and losing family/loved ones during that ordeal, that u would kill yourself leaving the baby behind which was such a driving force for her ultimate survival! Even tho she tried to save that guy who in the end it seems was self-guilted into his suicide, she still did conquer her fear by attempting to save him even if he ultimately did die. So after getting back to ur child and then making the overwhelming decision to leave ur child once more and attempt to save someone else it just does not hold water that she would give up herself at that point and jump ship.
    wow im seriously ranting...i guess even tho this movie sucked donkey balls, it has struck a chord somehow bec i find myself commenting about it on the internet!!!! not usually my style.
    oh i very much enjoyed reading everyone's reviews by the way...very funny!

  36. Definitely one of the worst endings to a movie I have ever seen. Someone shut up that baby! Sharks should have been included!

  37. ok so first; not having sharks was a good thing b/c the movie would have been over in 5 min of the first shark. second; why did the owner try so hard at the end and then after the ladder was put down choose not to get on it??? I think the ending would of been better if they combined the two a little differently. (I also think she was a dumb ass for jumping back in but then again she needed him to sail the boat back to shore or else her and her baby would of both died.)But could'nt they combine the endings, like she saved the dude but he didnt make it, then the fisherman came along and saved the mother and daughter. I know that that is pretty much how the ending went, but just so the audience could leave the theatre with a piece of mind they could of at least shown the fisherman going onto their boat and throwing a blanket over the moms shoulders and putting them both onto his boat and sailing away with them. Lol, that's what I would have liked to have seen. Or something other than how the movie actually ended. It sounds like besides the ending people pretty much enjoyed the film, we just needed a stronger, clearer conclusion.

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  39. BC - just wanted to let you know that your review for this movie was the first thing that popped up when I Googled it. I saw it last night on HBO and wanted to hear more about the ending. You are more popular than you think... Anyway, great review and I'll be reading you more in the future.

  40. I just watched the movie but couldn't figure out the end so I searched for a good review and found yours. You have made my weekend! I was so bored until I read it. I was cracking up so much my dogs were wondering what the heck was going on. Do you think they died and those were their ghosts on the deck? Could that be why she was so spacy and didn't care about her baby crying? A ghost wouldn't need to be rescued either so I guess that's why she ignored the old man. Who knows!

    1. when the boat arrived there was no one on deck and then you saw her standing on deck but you couldn't see the old mans boat.....I think she didn't make it back and the baby was alone and she was a ghost....because the old man heard the baby but didn't see the mom.....I think she died.....but how could you take a chance and leave your baby alone knowing that if something happened to you she would be alone and die without food or water....the ending made me mad

  41. I agree with the last poster. I think that they all died (except for maybe the baby who is rescued by the bearded fisherman or so we are led to believe). I think the last shot is of some psuedo-reality where the souls of the departed will forever be trapped, left to linger in confusion, unable to pass on in peace.
    PS. It doesn't matter what happened in the real-life story. "Based on" movies can and often do take substantial poetic licenses when re-telling a story. Facts do not matter. The story is based on some subset of events in the broadest sense.
    PPS. I totally resonate with the earlier postings by the new moms. I am a new dad and corny or not, but I was very much emotionally concerned with the welfare of the crying baby, thinking nothing else mattered by getting back on board to save the baby. Funny how that works.

  42. As a survival movie, this movie was pretty frustrating. If only they had worked together in the beginning, i'm pretty sure not as many had to die.

  43. Did anyone notice that the last time the baby was seen it had a full head of hair?

    I can understand a bunch like this finding themselves in that position. Everyone put their trust in the boat owner, Dan, not realizing that he was a fraud. It was his mistake that lead to them being all in the water.

    It is hard to buy the fact that none of this group was smart enough to figure out how to get back on board. I would have tried the rope thing, then tried having the group lock up and make a platform for one of the girls to try and jump from. Failing that I would have used the knife to relatively easily punch some holes in the gelcoat to gain a purchase.

    To me the ending depicted the death of everyone. You don't hear the baby crying as the fisherman approaches, only just before they shift to the scene with them on deck. Her hair is dry so she has been out of the water for some time. The baby had a full head of hair! I missed the very beginning but my guess is it was her fathers (the baby's father) hair.

    I got sucked into this movie as I was just killing a couple minutes flipping the channels waiting for the show I wanted to watch. I kept wanting to change the channel but I couldn't. at first the ending disappointed but after I thought about it a bit it grew on me.

    It was the guilt caused by the failure to save her father that drove her to go back in. She wasn't trying to save Dan, she was trying to save her father and clear her conscience.

    The boat (excuse me yaught) would have had at least a VHF radio and probably an EPIRB that would have brought help.

    I liked this movie.

  44. Hey, I saw this film for the first time last night and was driven to the computer to tie up some loose knots like, er, the cretinous behaviour of the entire party and, of course, the absurd ending which, despite some interesting and valiant attempts, cannot be rationalised in any way whatsoever. Clearly the film had been previewed by the studio and the otherwise grim ending was lightened so as not to distress. Mad. And a real folly. This film only took 2 million pounds around the world and was prematurely pulled from most cinemas in the UK.

    I loved it though, stupidity and all. I didn't walk, but watched it to the bitter end which i can't say about most films.

    Anyway, I loved you review which was absolutely spot on and laugh out loud funny. As for your low-budget sequel of the chap who forgets his boat altogether, I think I can outdo that with a true story which has a happy ending. It too involves a dliemma made from water and smooth sides


  45. The movie has provoked some great feedback and as many others I find ithard to believe it's a true story. There are many boat disaster stories which may all play a small part in this film. I do believe that there are people out on stupid street that would panic and make silly mistakes as portrayed. I guess the moral of the story is don't go swimming before dropping your ladders. Xxx. Andrea Nottingham

  46. hippybliss420@yahoo.comFebruary 17, 2010 at 5:38 PM

    the one girl that you say had a suit still on, was her underware and bra. She had taken her dress off for the guy to use for the rope..yes she couldve completely de-robed, but perhaps she was too modest? hehe

  47. Do you think it was all the salt water they might ingested that made them go even stupidier thats a thought

  48. Found this review also trying to locate the "true story" of Open Water 2. Very entertaining reading all the comments, theories and possible solutions.

    I am a sailor and served in the Coast Guard and was a rescue swimmer. That being said, my frustration level with these moronic people just about sent me over the edge of my Lazy Boy recliner.

    Watched this movie at the recommedation of my son who said, "We would get a kick out of their stupidity." Knew nothing about the flick other than the title and asking, "Do we need to watch Open Water the original first?" We were assured by a definite "No" and so proceeded to watch this comedy of errors unfold for the next couple of hours last night.

    I use "comedy" lightly because in reality, it COULD happen. And as so many have already stated, with not a smart one in the bunch a tragedy would definitely occur. However, was it really a tragedy? Maybe they should all get the Darwin Award.

    At any rate, most of ideas for getting aboard have already been presented....not the least being using the "rope" and then having the lightest (the dim-witted 90 lb. bimbo) do the climbing, etc.

    The guy who bonked his head? Hello? What in God's name was he thinking about in trying to find a hatch UNDER water to open? I was screaming at the top of my lungs over his complete lack of gray matter six inches above his shoulders. He definitely needed eliminating from the gene pool.

    The girl swimming to Dover? No sight of land? No bearing as to which direction is land? And she takes off doing the Austrailian Crawl? Let alone her "friends" who basically bid her "Good luck and see you at Barney's tonight for a cold one!"

    Without re-watching the film, it appears they departed from a port in Mexico. Possibly the Baja area. But who knows? The lack of predatory fish (ie: Sharks) showing up after the stabbing and serious blood letting is highly unlikely. He was human chum, okay? As a former resuce swimmer, my heart would be racing in those conditions to get him out of the water as quickly as possible. Granted, the movie played to that fear, but to not have at least one shark show up.....especially with that amount of blood in the water was completely implausible. Especially in that area.

    The diving for the knife? Uh....hello....HOW deep is the water there? Can't even address that one with any sort of logic. Especially as the sun is fading and the storm is starting.

    Oh, and lets talk a minute about that storm. In all my years on the water, I have never seen the sea so calm when a downpour happens. It was like a bathtub and somebody turned on the shower head. NOT. Their constant swimming away from the boat and back...even when the waves started to pick up would NOT happen. Currents and waves would have made staying with the boat an all out effort long before nightfall, let alone a storm. Especially after being in the water ALL day...treading, swimming, panicing and being exposed to the elements.

    And for anyone thinking that just because they were in "Mexico", hypothermia is still a very real and potential killer. It can and does happen out there. Granted, it is slower than the North Atlantic, but after 12 hours or more in the water, they would start feeling the affects of it.

    The movie works because of the stupidity of the characters. I was scratching my head from the get go with anyone so paranoid of the water they can barely step on the dock. And yet she would take her infant aboard with no life preserver? YEAH RIGHT!

    Finally, I am utterly disappointed to learn this is not a story based on documented real events. I know Hollywood takes a lot of liberty with blurring fact with fiction on most movies for "Creative License" but being there is NO verifiable evidence that this did, in fact, take place then I find it highly offensive that they put the tag line on "Based on real events."

    ---Keith A.

  49. Maybe, the movie is foreshadowing a future true life idiotic yacht event?


  50. My husband and I watched the movie last night and discussed almost everything you did in your blog. If they have common sense enough to come up with good ideas such as making a rope our of their clothes, they should have common sense enough to send a 100lb female up rather than a 200lb male. From the very beginning I was telling my husband they should just all form a circle around one person to hold that person up while one of the females climbs up. That's more weight the push down while she's climbing. Duh. They came up with good ideas but went about them all the wrong way. The ending still has me baffled. I agree that it looks like they threw two endings in.

  51. Intense! This flick had me on the edge of my dry comfy lazy-boy and shouting the solutions at the top of my head. Isn't it delightful to be so clever and solution-oriented watching this film on dry land? Panic trumps logic in disaster situations. How clever would anyone be when dehydrated, buzzed, sun-drenched, hungry, and terrified? Surrounded by water and none to drink... If these kids had watched bear vs. this kind of wild they probably would never have even made it on the boat in the first place. Confusing, though. Like the beginning home-video with them clowning on the beach and then the dude has trouble with pains in his extremity. What was that? And when the chick thinks she is bit by something was that jellyfish? The guy looks and there's nothing but white chunks in the water. Then no further mention of the harraser. Was it her little-mind playing tricks? And the little one ironicaly fervently praying her own eulogy with the Lord's Prayer before going off to drown. Clever but so annoying to watch I had to turn the volume down on her pathetic last-ditch pleas for God. Obviously there wouldn't be a thrilling story if the sailors had any sense. But their terror and panic made the move a blast to watch. Nice touch with the screaming baby torturing the dying who are just this close... I think ultimately the old boater guy rescues the baby who was the only other intelligent character in this movie and teaches her how to drive a frickin' boat.

  52. Thanks for the hilarious review! You actually made the movie worth watching.

  53. I watched this movie like 2 years ago and periodically think about it to this day. Just did a search, found your review. Very funny.

    Open Water 2 was one of the tensest movies I've ever seen because it was so believable. Because as you noted, the people were dumb as rocks. I can totally imagine a group of complete idiots getting into such a situation and all dying.

    Can't wait to see Open Water 3: Dude where's my boat.

  54. I was looking for the "true story" of this movie & laughed my ass off at your review.


    AWESOME MOVIE just saw it yesterday my pops is a sailor and completly sold me on this movie...

    first i wanted all those white people dead, slowley but surely, LOL but i aint that cold then a couple of joints into the movie i started to feel with em but i knew they was done for. stupid ass mufuckas!...

    i gotta be out tho ill movie original as fuck even if it was based on a true story or whatever...never thought about that shit (beeing stuck in da water wit no ladder)... but thats some typical white people stuff to do just jump in da water with no goddamn ladder LOL .....

    and EXCUSE me for my scrambled message...

  56. I will admit, I had to watch this movie twice in a row. Not because the movie was so amazing or anything but because I was utterly shocked at the stupidity of each individual on the boat. Even the girls running in classic horror films show more intelligence.
    My assumption of why Amy brought Sarah on the boat was because like she said, she didn't want her to have a phobia of water. However, now little baby Sarah is terrified of water because both of her parents died in the water. Way to go Amy you completed that mission.
    Each idiotic stunt had me gasping and yelling at my monitor. There are three petite women there, why not have them do the jumping or climbing on shoulders and such instead of the two buffest men.
    The storm scene is impossible the waves would have carried them away no matter how hard they tried to swim.
    The ending well, here is my own conclusion. Now, I've put some thought into this so check it out. Dan dies, Amys attempts to save him failed completely. Bummer. Fisherman comes and saves Amy and baby Sarah. He decides, hey, I could use a yacht so he steals it. He prostitutes Amy out and sells Sarah on the black market. The End. FiN.
    Just kidding.
    My interpretation of the horribly put together ending is this; Amy is not alive. Clearly, as the plane shows the boat there is nobody on it. The fisherman notices the life raft and the ladder and hears a faint cry as he slowly drives by (if you remember the baby monitor is on the deck, and you do hear a faint baby making noise as he drives by the boat) Amy's soul is trapped on the boat because not only has she failed at saving her father and Dan, but now she has failed at being a Mother because she is dead.
    The director said that 5 out of the 6 adults died. Then went on to say that Lauren traveled to an unknown island.

    One question though, if Dan really wanted to die why didn't he just go under water and drown himself instead of keeping his head above water?

  57. i agree entirely. my mom is watching it in another room.jake (james?) just died. i believe he was the one who hit his head. or maybe who was stabbed. first off i believe they ALL should just die for being so stupid.
    the mother who cant swim jumped in the water with her infant on the boat-retard
    guy who hit his head while diving for his fucking knife that he shouldnt have even brought- retard(not even a POCKET knife!wtf!)
    the girl who just freaked the hell out over everything-spazzzz
    guy who soaked his phone- retard
    crazy topless mexicans who rode by on another boat -necessary? no.
    baby-adorable and a helpless victim of sheer stupidity

  58. You gotta admit she looked pretty good climbing out of that water, though.

  59. Started watching from the point where the girl in the life jacket is "thrown" into the water while being held by the "owner" who jumps in. She didn't jump in on her own...too afraid of the water. I hated the ending. Wasted my time.

  60. Pretty much did like all others and had to search whether or not the two adults survived in the end. What a frustrating end!

  61. Just a thought but how can a film where everyone died at the end be based on a true story? Is everybody missing the fact that there would be nobody around to tell the story afterwards...lmfao.

  62. Stupidest fucking movie, but I too had to watch out of sheer amazement of the stupidity of these characters !! Saw the first movie (because nothing else was on, and only watched this as a sequel but wasn't expecting an academy award winner. I would've thought FOR SURE once the blood from buddy's ear or especially that abdominal wound could've attracted sharks but NOOOOOOOOO... those of us who watched it had to endure the painful and such slow decision making of things to try that I'm sure the audience has already suggested to themselves. I think the producers of this junk actually now count on all of us to tune into yet other sequels just so we can decide for ouselves how dumb they all really are !!

  63. Interesting what an earlier poster said about the ladder being in the up position when the old fisherman comes along side the boat. That proves that she got up. If she survived, there's no way the baby would have outlived her. As far as being stranded, anyone could operate a boat motor, and there is no chance that it wouldn't have a radio. That ending makes no sense whatsoever--it was definitely set adrift.

  64. Hahaha made me laugh..
    Kinda dumb of me to have read this before the actual movie but oh well.
    Watchin it now....

  65. I just watched the first 30 min and the last 30 minutes of this film. I knew my heart was not going to be able to take everything in between. Especially when, inevitably, the baby would would start crying. I, too am so disgusted with this ending. It made NO sense what so ever. First thing I yelled out was " get the knife and wedge it into the crack of the ladder door and use it for handle or leverage or something!". Also, the no shark thing was kinda hokey with all the blood in the water. But most of all I just think the ending sucked and I want the time I spent watching it back! LOL!

  66. My 2 cents!

    I was captivated by this movie because I know how easily stupid shit can happen when you're having a good time. Like just today I left the house dressed in a towel to grab my clothes off the line and I thought, "Shit what if the door blows shut?!" Trapped outside naked!! I wonder how long would it take me to break a window? Especially if once I broke it my house would start to sink...

    Some people don't seem to get that Dan jumped in with Amy in a stupid, spontaneous gesture fueled by the fact he was still in love with her and regretted that he'd let her go! It's a typical male bravado type move but even clever people don't always think before they act.

    Amy was there because James was her brother and it was his 30th or something.

    Also, they can call it a sequel because it's linked by the fact that it is also about being stranded in Open Water. Lol at Charles' 'Fatman Trapped in his Bathtub' sequel suggestion!

    However, I didn't like the ending and don't like that I can't research the facts because it's not actually true! Maybe the true events were 1. Some friends went for a boat ride 2. They jumped into the water and said "Shit just as well we put the ladder down first!" 3. The skinny girl said, "Man I'm getting cold" 4. They played a "What if?" game and each person came up with a different scenario of how they would die 5. They didn't die but climbed back on board, had a big feed and sung Frere Jacques to the baby who fell asleep! 6. They went home and wrote a script.

    I also thought the acting was great!

  67. i am glad i picked th right review to read. bravo. i was captivated by the terror of being in open water. the entire time the were treading water i thought for sure a shark would be circling at any moment. i was suprised that wasn't the case. i am terrified of the ocean. lakes are okay. but, i am scared of it for the simple fact that it makes up 75-80% of the world! carzy, scarey! not knowing what lies in the dark depths beneath you. you would never catch me on a yacht and i didn't loose a father to a heart attack in a cove.

  68. you are all fucking idiots!!!!wake up!!!!the ladder was down when the fisherman acrossed the sailboat...The baby had the same size of hair...The mother probably felt asleep or didn't cared about the situation cos she was shocked.So she stayed there and they died because of lack of food supplies and water!THEY ALL DIED!!!MUHAHAHHA

  69. Too easy to make something better than the first, useless and awful Open Water... So, obviously, they did it. Ok, it's not a beautiful, perfect movie, but at least in this second chapter something happens and it's nowhere near as boring as the first.

  70. Haven't seen the first one but we watched this one tonight. Naturally I went looking forthe so-called "true story" it was based on. It appears there was none, but I did find this blog. The story was okay but the lot of them deserved to die just for being so stupid. The bit at the end where the mother dives back into the ocean to save the main idiot, who caused the death of her husband and other friends was bit suspect, especially since she was originally afraid of water. Worth watching, but...

  71. i just finished this movie...
    and as a mom i was completely disturbed by it.

    there is no way in hell i would leave my baby alone on a f**king boat, and there's definately no way i would jump in the ocean to save some useless douche over staying with my baby

    this movie made me angry

  72. Movie was great creepy of the director to bring a baby in to the script, just movie or not. I do think the sailor banged Amy like 100 x's then sold the baby and yacht. Cheers!!

  73. Just ran across this movie on IFC while surfing the tube tonight. The characters had just realized there was no ladder when I came in. Since I had somewhat enjoyed Open Water 1 I kept watching to see what they'd do. The ways back onto the boat were immediatley clear to me, as I assumed they would soon be to the characters looking up at the hull sizing up their predicament. This was my first mistake... assuming the director would imbue these hapless six with some quantum of intelligence and ability, while adding drama by somehow creatively thwarting their dedicated attempts to reboard the yacht. A few minutes more, and it was clear this was not going to be the case. How unlikely is it, when faced with potential death, for even the nimbelest of minds to not have at least tried tried to:

    1. Make a rope... AND HOOK IT TO SOMETHING. Clearly they had no rope, but bathing suits tied together plus straps from snorkel masks plus any one of a number of other items they may have had with them could have easily snagged the boat. But how to hook on you ask? Two ways. One, in several shots is very clear that the anchor juts out over the bow in such a way as to toss of bathing suits over it and down the other side far enough to grab again. Then, twisting them together for more strength, climb up. The FLAG POLE could easily serve the same purpose. And, of course, as stated by by others in this thread, the climbing done by the lightest person who can climb, preferably a WOMAN. The other "rope" option, was to use the life preserver as a "hook", (by keeping it buckled so as to provide a lasso with the closed loop) tossing it either over the pointy end of the anchor (clearly shown as a good grabbing point) or one of the railing stanchions, or over and across the flagpole, etc. A third "rope" option, was to tie the knife to the end of the rope, using its heavy weight to toss up and swing around or catch on any one of a number of deck items. Sure it'd take a few tries, but your lifes at stake, your baby's on board, yada, yada, yada. That any one of these wasn't immediately attempted, or at least thought of in the first 5 minutes of being in the water lost me from the get-go.

    Okay, so they're idiots, let's see what they try next. Oh yeah, whining, panic, aw crap I forgot, it's a movie. Oh, well so much for that.

    2. Use buoyancy and water treading to make a temporary human platform. There are six young, strong, people in the water right? OK then, one woman floats on her back while three men and another woman, while treading water to hold her up at surface level, make a temporary but stable platforn of her body. The third woman climbs onto the woman being suported and jumps on board. Viola!

    3. Use the knife! Clearly, if jamming a broken piece snorkel mask plexi-glass into the closed ladder door seam (as so easily performed at the end of the film) would support a man long enough for a woman to climb on his shoulders this should have been accomplished in the first 3 min. in the water right?

    As numbers one and two as described above occurred to me within the first few minutes of watching this film, but not to any one of the six lunatics in the water, it was clear from then on that the remaining entertainment value of this film was going to be watching how these idiots managed to kill themselves off one by one when the only things keeping them from having a swell dinner and sunset cocktails on deck that evening was the watery screenplay they'd been forced to endure.

    Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

    As for the ending… That was the most obtuse excuse for a... aw crap, don't even get me started…

  74. Everyone criticising Dan for 'forgetting to lower the ladder' is missing the point - he wasn't a legitimate captain, and thus he wouldn't have known to do this any more than the others.

  75. i really agree with your review but i just dont think the fella playing james "richard speight jr" should have died because he had a daughter, i think the girl that swam away came back in another boat, rescued the couple before james died got him to a hospital and saved him, and left the so called "imposter" in the water to happely drown himself as he wishes because it is all his fault that everyone else died.... but that is just my opinion. other than that i loved the movie...


  76. I dont want to comment on the acting because Richard Speight Jr is my all time favourite actor, i just have one question for the director... IF YOU PUT SHARKS ON THE POSTER PUT THEM IN THE FUCKIN FILM OR ELSE DONT PUT THEM ON THE POSTER......ok

    (P.S. other than that i loved the film)

  77. Great review! Thanks so much for that - I missed a couple of minutes at the end of this film (mindless late nite TV)...and when I returned, the boat was chugging about the yacht...woman giving that 'look'...crying baby, THE END, so I was somewhat perplexed and annoyed at the ending! Now I understand!

  78. I wish they thought to dig the knife into the boat for one man to hold onto while one of the ladies can climb up onto the boat.

    As for the ending it's clear that there was no one on board when the sailor arrived. Yet the mother was on board with the captain's body. Both scenarios have baby's cries in the background suggesting same time-frame. I think the mother's spirit is on the boat. Which is why she can't tend to her baby's cries.

  79. I started watching it last year. Had some complications and found it again this year. I decided to go ahead and finish to see what happens. I am now thoroughly pissed. I found a year later to STILL NOT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!

  80. I know you're supposed to try and suspend your beliefs or whatever when you watch movies, but when it was became so obvious what they could do to get back on the boat and they just repeatedly kept trying to jump up to reach the top...thats where ya lost me. Anyone with a shred of intelligence couldve figured out to lift any one of the girls, ideally the 90lb basketcase, out of the water and overcome those few inches they couldnt reach on their own. Its labeled as a "Suspense" movie but it should be changed to "Suspense/Comedy" cuz it becomes laughable that we have to watch as this all plays out. Honestly, did anyone who watched this movie not figure out within minutes how they could get back on board? And it seemed that the writers couldnt figure out a clever way to kill off the characters, so it was almost like they were told to just swim off camera and we'll act like you died. Its like some of them were in the movie one moment, and then gone completely with no real explanation as to how they "died" Its not the actors fault, this was just a terribly thought out movie.

  81. What a waste of 2 and a half hours SMFH

  82. why not do ur best to step on the backup motor and raise someone up? It's de
    ff possible...

  83. Is there a plug on a boat like that. Pull the plug. Let it sink a bit then put the plug back in. I thought all boats had a plug.

  84. Good film despite what people are saying.

    The non inclusion of sharks was the smart option - I mean its been done before so points go to the director for that and yet still keeping the tensions going. Yes characters were not exactly smart and neither were their actual characters in the film if you keep an ear and eye on character build-up - most people in stressful and dangerous situations tend to do the wrong thing through blind panic and the movie wouldnt have been made nor scores of others if the intelligent participants figured out how to get back on with the knife or tying the clothes together and get the lightest to climb up. I hate it when dumb folks come up with that answer - ITS A MOVIE!!!

    I agree with Serena Fuentes - they all died as per the true story and the end was merely her spirit trapped on the boat because as we know spirits sometimes hang around until their deaths and fate of loved ones etc are resolved.

    She would never have been able to pull the Beefcakes limp body onto the boat anyway!

  85. So there is no official answer of what happened to everyone? Hahah most confusing movie I have seen.

  86. You'd think if you owned that nice of a boat, it would have a second button on the side of the boat under a cover or something that is reachable from the water

    1. Maybe not, in order to keep pirate thieves from trespassing.At least that's what went through my mind when it appeared to be so hard to get back on, like being locked out of a home without a key.

  87. well the one thing i thought was horrible about this review is that it says go sharks when the story was based on real people that got devoured.the second says it was based on a true story but i never found what the true events were in the second one.

  88. sad thing is...with the lack of common sense and thinking in this country more now than even back then, I would not be surprised if they forgot to check for a way "back" up form the water...such a you know a ladder! If they were thinking then it wouldn't have happened in a true story if it was one anyway. Really I think that could happen more than anyone thinks and its possible specially nowadays with lack of sense lol. Just a thought.


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