NOVEMBER 8, 2007


I must have been in traffic or something the day Fido was in theaters. What else could explain it? I remember hearing about the movie a lot in the spring, and then I sort of forgot about it. Then yesterday I am at the video store and there it is, Billy Connolly’s zombie face snarling at me. A quick check of Boxofficemojo confirms the film came out on June 15th, 2007, and eventually grossed a paltry $304,533, but I’m still a bit fuzzy as to how I missed its entire theatrical run. I live in LA! We’re a select city!!!

Anyway, I didn’t miss much. It’s an OK enough film, but a lot of the jokes seemed pretty obvious to me, and others were just recycled from other zombie comedies (including a few that were done in a short film I myself edited, 6 years ago!) or movies that satire the 50s suburban dream. There are some great jabs at the current state of “protection”, such as when a government agent happily announces that everyone will have their photo taken for protection, but they are few and far between.

In fact that’s kind of the problem with the movie: it’s supposed to be a lot funnier than it is, but it doesn’t really work as a zombie movie either. I’ve seen Shaun of the Dead so many times that I no longer laugh at 90% of the things that made me piss myself the first time around, but I am still entertained by the film. I can’t imagine watching Fido again will be a particularly thrilling experience, especially since the film barely has a narrative and instead functions as a collection of setpieces.

The film’s most interesting character is a neighbor played by Tim Blake Nelson. He has a zombie pet that subs for a lover, and he knows how to fix (or break) the collars the zombies wear to keep them in control. All of his scenes are a delight, and I wish there were more of them. Plus, I admit... I wanted to see a guy nail a zombie. Comedically.

The strangest thing about the movie is that I was consistently having déjà vu as I watched it, but yet couldn’t place any of the movies that it was somehow reminding me of. Like, it seemed like I had seen Dylan Baker play this exact same role before, but all of his roles I can think of have nothing to do with playing a somewhat assholish dad in the 50s. Likewise, the film’s main focus (the friendship between the kid and Fido the zombie) seemed familiar, but I can’t think of another film that even had domesticated zombies other than Day of the Dead (and the end of Shaun), which this movie obviously does not resemble. Weird.

Like I said, it’s not a bad movie, but they failed to milk the ideas and satire for what they were worth, settling for obvious gags and repetitive “Oh it’s funny because he’s a ZOMBIE!” type scenarios.

What say you?


  1. I really liked this one, I saw it at the Seattle International Film Festival, but I guess it never made it out of the festival circuit. Everyone seemed to like it allot but they never really put it into wide release.

  2. Thanks for this review. Everywhere else that I've heard about it as been claiming it to be the next Shaun of the Dead. I have it on my Ziplist [Canada's version of Netflix] so I should be recieving it shortly. Still looking forward to seeing it, but thanks for laying out some realistic expectations for it.

  3. The deja vu I felt with this film was its closeness to all of the dog movies I've ever seen. You know - the Old Yellers and Red Ferns. There was even a deleted scene with the kid throwing rocks at Fido and saying "you have to GO! I hate you!" etc.

    I found it pretty amusing, though.

  4. i liked it, and incidentally, i was going to suggest it to you as we watched it on the 6th! eerie.

  5. Yea - essentially this is "Lassie" except for Timmy owning a dog he has a pet Zombie :-)

  6. Have to admit, I dug this flick a helluva lot more than you! While I agree that it's no Shaun of the Dead, I found it to be a very entertaining little horror comedy. If I may humbly say, I too recently reviewed it on my own blog,
    href="">The Vault of Horror

  7. Yeah... I seem to be in the very minority on this one, but that's good... it's easier when i'm disappointed by a movie everyone loves than when I love a movie everyone hates... my Armageddon fanaticism has cost me friends and probably even a lay or two...

  8. I didn't really care for this one much either. To be fair, I've yet to see the whole thing. (I fell asleep with about 20 minutes left. It's not a priority though.) Love the blog; it's been a staple at work for a long time. Since I actually have an account now, I figured I should let you know. Check out my reviews at Wine and Werewolves if you get the chance....

  9. I just found this movie on Netflix tonight. As soon as I finished, I felt the urge to hop on here and see if you have reviewed it. I usually agree with your reviews, but this is one that I have to disagree on. I was very entertained and thought their approach to this story was quite impressive in many aspects. But hey, if everyone always liked the same exact things, that would be a boring world!

  10. I love this movie so much, it always gives me the warm fuzzies. I found it charming rather than funny, and it's one of my absolute favourite zombie movies.


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