Nightmare (1964)

OCTOBER 28, 2007


Gee, another movie about folks pretending to be dead folks in order to freak someone out enough that they’ll do something so drastic that they’ll lose their inheritance/home/ job/collection of cookie jars. Exciting. Christ, even the title (Nightmare), is generic.

Now, is it a bad movie? No. It’s actually kind of fun, especially in the last 20 minutes, when the villain begins going crazy herself and over pronounciates words at random. “She was HEYEYEYEYRE!” and “I’ll FIYIYIYIYIYIYIND you!” are some highlights. I wish I knew how to pull audio off a DVD. Also, this doll is pretty goddamn creepy:

But I’m just tired of this plotline. I called out what was happening almost before the opening credits were finished. Just once, I’d like to see this plot devolve into an ACTUAL ghost haunting. You gotta assume that even the people in these movies are starting to suspect that maybe it’s just their bitchy in-laws pulling off a hoax to fuck with them, because they had to have seen some of the other movies in which the same goddamn thing was happening. If I ever see the “ghost” of my Dad or grandfather wandering around my house, first thing I will do is ask my sister what the hell she wants.

I should note that the brevity of this review is due to the release of Guitar Hero III distracting me away from my true love of rambling about horror movies. Plus, having written 3 reviews in the past 2 months for what is essentially the same movie, I have sort of run out of things to say about them.

What say you?

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