October Extras # 23 - Horrors Of Spider Island

OCTOBER 23, 2007


Like Track of the Moon Beast, today’s October Extra is one I have both seen several times and never at all. Horrors Of Spider Island was one of the last episodes in the 10th (final) season of Mystery Science Theater, and it was a particular gem. With some exceptions, the monster movies always seemed to be funnier than the crime dramas and such that a lot of episodes featured (the one with Angel’s Revenge is a completely unfunny episode, as is the 10th season’s odd German version of Hamlet).

Of course, again, this one’s funny even without Mike, Servo, and Crow riffing along with the film. But it also contains several important lessons/tidbits that any living man, woman, or child should know:

  • If you need to foreshadow a plane’s engine burning out, cut to a giant wave.
  • The quickest way to Singapore from Los Angeles is through New York.
  • When bitten by a giant spider, men will turn into hairier men.
  • If a plane catches fire and loses radio contact, there is “no reason to fear the worst”.
  • Excessive heat will cause men to cheat on their girlfriends.
  • Whistling can keep women from being afraid.
  • Models have to be told when to sleep and drink.

Actually that last one might really be true.

What say you?


  1. Ah, Spider Island. Or as I call it, Baywatch 1963.

    I have my own review of this I'll post sometime, but I thought it was a blast. Prefigures both Baywatch and Survivor: Pinata Island by decades.

    Did you notice how the monster's facial makeup was never in another scene with anyone? It was always a closeup with a dark background. Weird. But funny.

  2. hahah yeah. I had a screenshot of him to put in, but the html kept getting screwed up so I gave up trying to put it in.

  3. I'll go along with you on Hamlet, but Angel's Revenge? No way! I love that episode.


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