Mr. Brooks

JUNE 2, 2007


As I watching this film, I was just about to say "Fuck, I really can't qualify this as a horror movie" when all of a sudden, BAM! A guy gets his head nearly cut off with a shovel. Then, 2 minutes later, SLASH! Scissors into the neck, blood spraying all over a girl's bedroom. Yeah!!!

Course, even without those elements I still would have recommended Mr. Brooks, as I am a lifelong member of the Kevin Costner fan club. Wooden as he may be at times ("My boat"), the guy is just awesome, and like Bruce Willis, he's the rare A-list actor who constantly jumps around genres. I don't think there's any genre he hasn't tackled. Tom Hanks occasionally tries (Road to Perdition) but for the most part he avoids westerns, sci-fi, horror, and sports movies. Ditto Tom Cruise, though in recent years he seems to be trying a little harder.

Also, I would like to point out that Demi Moore is hotter now than she was like 15 years ago when people said 'man she's hot'. Weird.

But the movie has a big caveat (besides about 2 serial killers too many): Dane Cook. Look, I don't revile the guy as much as some, I admit to laughing several times during his CD. But that's a CD. Watching him is torturous. The guy just looks (and acts) like a douche. All the time. Maybe it's not his fault, I dunno, but he just has that permanent douche stamp. And watching him try to act in a 'serious' role is asking a lot of an audience. Incidentally, he provides the film's second biggest laugh (the first is William Hurt delivering an insult about Cook's character that works on a surface and meta-level), when Costner and him decide to kill a driver who cut them off. "Yes! I always wanted to fucking kill a guy who pissed me off in traffic!"

Much like 3000 Miles to Graceland (the strangest 80 million dollar movie ever made), it's good to see Costner playing a bad guy. He does it so rarely that even though he's a sick fuck, you root for him out of habit. Good show!

Also whoever the hell plays his daughter is fucking cute as hell.

What say you?


  1. Hey, great review as usual. I just wathced this and I agree with you on all fronts. Great flick with pretty solid acting.

    And yeah, the daughter is hella cute.

    I think it would have ended better had he actually died, but hey not bad either way.


  2. A flawed movie that I felt tried to cram entirely too many ideas into its length, but still a fascinating film. I love the concept of having a seperate actor(and a damned good one at that) to play Costner's murderous impulse and was fascinated by the admittedly somewhat implausible idea of hereditary psychopathy. It's also great to see Costner step so far outside his usual range. Incidentally, while I'm often quite amused by Cook, he really does come across as an epic-level douche here. As a result, I was very partial to his final scene.


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