JUNE 16, 2007


Along with Poltergeist was a screening of the original Creepshow. I had never seen the entire film, only a TV version that omitted the E.G. Marshall segment entirely. Much like haunted house films, I’m no big fan of anthology films. I like movies that take the time to develop characters and have many plot threads that combine to make a richer film. You know, like Shocker.

The reason the Marshall segment is cut out on TV is a matter of length, not violence (actually, it’s probably the LEAST violent segment in the whole film) - Creepshow is a long film. This presented a problem to my neck, as we were sitting near the front. Then again, had our alleged friends not sat down in an area with only enough seats for them (and not my wife and I) when we came back from intermission (despite the theater not even being half full), it would have been fine. But hey, been a while since I was so blatantly insulted. And it added to the nostalgia factor; I felt like I was in high school all over again! “Sorry, no room for you.” Ah, memories…

Despite my general dislike of anthology films, this is certainly one of the better ones (that's my way of saying "I liked it" - it's hard being positive). Having two of the REAL Masters of Horror (Stephen King and George Romero) behind it, both in their prime, certainly doesn’t hurt. As with any film of its type, some stories are better than others. None are downright bad, but the comic book style and framing grows tiresome in "Father’s Day" (the other segments more or less keep it to the beginning and end of each story), and "Jordy Verrill", while funny, doesn’t really fit with the others. "The Crate" is the best, partially because it’s the longest segment, and partially because Adrienne Barbeau plays such a wretched character that it’s an absolute delight to see her mauled by the gorilla thing. I also really like the "Something To Tide You Over" segment (always nice to see Leslie Nielsen playing it more or less straight), though now I can’t enjoy it as much, as we learned from the editor (who was on hand for a Q&A) that the first cut of it ran 70 minutes (almost a feature itself!) and of course is now like 20. Perhaps some of it will be on the special edition DVD that is coming out (in region 2 anyway – have I mentioned how much I love my region free player?).

And, as always, any movie with Tom Atkins is automatically worth seeing. And I can think of no other film with Ed Harris dancing to some synth-y new wave nonsense. I would go so far as to say that ranks right up there with Crispin Glover in Final Chapter.

What say you?


  1. when i was a kid, the jordy segment scared the ever living shit out of me. i mean it. i still cant watch it.

  2. This is one of my all-time favorite movies. It really scared the carp out of me way back then. The Crate, the best of the 5 stories, easily stand alone. And it is cool to watch Leslie Neilsen in a halfway straight role. Not to say I hate his comedic efforts. I still have a soft spot for Lt. Frank Drbin of Police Squad!, and Dr. Rumack, who didn't have fish for dinner.

  3. I would agree. The Crate and Something to Tide You Over are the best. Also the score to those two particular stories are great.

    I loved your comment about Ed Harris dancing... I crack up every single time at that part. My wife and I have considered trying to get those dance moves down and going out somewhere and busting them out.

  4. I coerced my wife into watching this with me on Halloween this year under the auspices that it was one of my favorite horror films when I was a kid. I do love this thing. I'm a fan of the the old EC/
    Creepy horror comics that this thing pays extreme homage to. I remember some reviewer called Ang Lee's Hulk the first true comic book movie due to it's usage of the comic panel. I was like, "yeah, right". I LOVE four of the five stories. The autoexhumation is one of the best rise from the grave scenes ever filmed. Ed Harris is a close second to Crispin Glover for horror movie dancing. Stephen king gives his greatest performance (by far). I thought he was absolutely hilarious, "Meteor Shit!" I really need to check out Lesli Neilson's career pre-Airplane! He was great in this role and I'd love to see the full cut. I adore the shot of Ted Danson's submerged head, with the eerie back light. It was cool to see Adrienne Barbeau get hers and Hal Holbrook was still lovable despite his murderous plot. I want to hug him. The last story is a bit perplexing and a very weak ending. It was kinda cool to see the cockroaches but from the mouth and chest using an effect which completely fool me (when I was a kid). Teh bookends were very well done as well. Did you know that the kid was played by Stephen King's son? He now goes by the name of Joe Hill. Ever heard of him?


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