Motel Hell

APRIL 1, 2007


Apparently, Motel Hell is going to be remade. And I must admit: I'm all for it. It's pretty bad, but there's a good movie in there somewhere, which is exactly the type of movie that should be remade. It's kind of sad when you have a garden full of human heads croaking (no vocal chords) and its not funny. In fact, all I will probably remember about the film is the same thing I went in with: it's notoriety as the movie on the cover of an issue of Fangoria that was banned from store shelves, and is thus now the most expensive issue to buy. As I am a collector of Fangorias (only 14, including said issue, left to get!), this fact haunts me daily. Or at least it does whenever I look at the Fangoria back issue order form.

Also it's fitting that I watched this on April Fool's Day, since the guy on the cover, which is what is undoubtedly the film's most recognizable image (pig head, chainsaw, overalls) is barely even in the film. April Fools!

The lead girl is hot, and rare for a final girl, gets nude a couple times. So there's something. And she's incredibly forgiving, as she agrees to marry a guy whos brother tries to rape her and whos sister tries to kill her. What a saint!

I hereby declare my wish to have William Fichtner take on the lead role of Farmer Vincent should the remake come to pass.

What say you?

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