God of Vampires

APRIL 18, 2007


Technically God Of Vampires shouldn't be included in this blog, as it's kind of hard to expect anyone to discuss a movie they almost definitely did not see yet (since it is unreleased and still without distribution) but since no one is commenting anyway I guess it doesn't matter.

Also in the interest of full disclosure (to... someone) the writer/director, Rob Fitz, is a friend of mine, and my best friend did the makeup effects (and cameos as a guy who pusses out of a fight! Lame!). I had a small role as a corpse but it was edited from the final print, hence why the movie has yet to be distributed.

Hahaha sadly that is not true (if anything it should improve its chances). To be perfectly honest, I have no idea why no one has picked the film up yet. Rob wrote a fantastic script that would likely run a 20-30 million budget at a studio. Rob did it for around 30-40 thousand bucks. And while the limitations of this are sometimes obvious, it's still a kickass ride that I hope people can get to check out sooner rather than later. The vampires in this film are almost like zombies (hence the zombie tag) which was interesting, as I dunno about you but I am sick of euro-trash vampires and the like. These guys are BRUTAL. And there's surprisingly a great deal of dark humor in the film that is nicely implemented.

The only real problem with the film is that it takes some patience. Not that the story is lacking at the beginning (though there is a subplot about the lead guy taking care of a young kid that is completely dropped after the first 10 minutes, and I would suggest dropping it entirely to help move things along), but some technical issues (some bad dubbing/syncing) might irk some. Luckily, once the vampires come in and our core group is formed, the movie takes off and never loses steam again. There are times you will forget you are watching an independent film, which is pretty goddamn impressive.

The website is up at Myspace if you want some more info, I believe there's a trailer and such. Rob is looking into having a table at some upcoming horror cons, so keep your eyes peeled for the guest lists of your local cons.

What say you? (prob nothing, doh. Tomorrow's movie will be one you might have seen though!)

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  1. the best part of this movie is my souchey ex boyfriend gets run over. YES

    no really its a good movie


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