BC's In Fangoria!

As you should know, Fangoria was revived last year and so far has been pretty spectacular, bringing back the things we loved about the glory days of the mag while moving away from the sort of instantly-dated things that sunk the mag in the advent of the internet (i.e. news we already knew and reviews of films that had already come and gone). It only comes out four times a year now, and while the price seems hefty (20 bucks an issue) you get plenty of content for it - it takes me quite a bit of time to get through an issue compared to other genre publications. And they have subscription deals all the time, so it usually ends up being around 15 bucks an issue, which is only a few dollars more than it was when it wasn't really worth reading.

They're on issue #6 now, and if you ask me it's the best one yet, though I must admit I have a bias: I have an article in it! I know I'm not alone when I say that getting published in THE Fangoria is a longtime dream/goal of mine, and while I did some stuff for the website over the years this is the first time I've landed in the print version*. And I am proud to say that I didn't use my slot to gush over one of my known targets (Cathy's Curse, Shocker, etc) but instead wrote about Black Xmas and how it was hated upon inception but has been reappraised over the years, just in time for the new remake which seems like it'll end up in the same boat.

I'm not sure where you can buy the issue in stores; I know some local shops that specialize in horror (i.e. Dark Delicacies) probably have it but there's obviously not one of those in every town. But hopefully you're already a subscriber and can check it out! I'm very proud of it and I wanted to make sure you guys - especially longtime HMAD readers, since they're the reason I made it as far as I did in the first place - were aware of the BC-fied content that might already be sitting on your desk or toilet. And if you're NOT subscribing, I recommend it - they're getting lots of exciting contributors (the previous issue had Jordan Peele interviewing Ari Aster!) and making sure you get your money's worth (subscribers also get access to the website, which like the mag eschews the same stuff you can read anywhere in favor of more interesting content), plus mailing it out in high quality envelopes that won't leave your issues all messed up like those black bags used to. Viva la Fangoria!

*I contributed a very short capsule description of Halloween for their special Scream Factory tie-in issue, which doesn't really count.


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