LA: Lethal Ladies of Horror fest!

In 2011, I hosted a midnight screening of Drag Me To Hell, because it's an awesome movie that deserves to be seen with a big crowd - and no one showed up. To date I think it was one of the lowest turnouts I've ever had for one of my shows (Dr. Giggles was lower, but it was raining that night which is actually a thing that causes people to stay inside in Los Angeles), which bums me out because it's such a great movie. But, maybe it was just too soon - it was only two years and change after its theatrical release.

Well is five years enough? I hope so, because it's one of the three movies showing at the Lethal Ladies of Horror festival in Los Angeles, which is happening on March 29th at the Crest Theatre in Westwood. Doors open at 5:30, and the first movie starts at 6, providing a full night of retro horror goodness, with a plethora of special guests, giveaways, and other goodies. In addition to Drag Me, you'll get a 35mm screening of Night of the Comet in time for its 30th anniversary (with both of the lovely leading ladies in attendance), and (my favorite), John Carpenter's Christine - with an actual screen-used Plymouth Fury on hand for you to ogle and take a zillion pics of all night! It's a pretty great triple feature: all of the movies are fun and tackle different sub-genres, and in Drag and Christine's case at least, represent under-loved movies from genre titans.

You can get your tickets HERE and read more about the festival over at JoBlo, who is putting this event together (via Arrow In The Head) for all you fine folks. Should be a blast, and a relative steal at a mere 30 bucks (25 if you're SAG or a student!). Hopefully they can make this an annual (or bi-annual?) event with a different lineup every year. The "Lethal Ladies" concept certainly lends itself to plenty of options, and I like the mix of older films with newer ones you might not have caught in theaters during their original run (while Drag did OK, it certainly didn't break any records - nor did it do well enough to convince Raimi to stick around before heading back to blockbusters). Enjoy!

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  1. Massive fan of Drag me to Hell!! Wish I lived nearby so I could attend! Hope you have a better turn out this time.


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