HMAD Screening: Final Destination 2!

His movies were hit or miss, but I loved that David Ellis was one of the few non-pretentious big-screen directors out there, making fun genre flicks and having a good sense of humor about himself and his movies (he wanted Shark Night to go out under its original title: Untitled 3D Shark Thriller). So it's a huge shame that he suddenly passed away a couple months back while gearing up to reteam with his Snakes on a Plane star Samuel L Jackson on a new film, because we're not likely to have another guy like him any time soon.

And we're also not likely to ever have another Final Destination film as glorious as 2003's Final Destination 2, easily the best in the series and ironically the only one I never got to see theatrically! I was on my internship at the time and could only afford to see one movie a month, and I chose Darkness Falls. Yeah, good call, BC. So I am beyond stoked to present the film for both its 10th anniversary, but also a bit saddened that it will also serve as a tribute to Ellis, who would go on to direct the 4th film (the first of the series to be in 3D) and the underrated Cellular, along with the aforementioned B-movie gems. His movies may not be critical hits, but damned if they didn't always make for a fun time with a packed crowd, so this should be a pretty great screening.

The screening is Saturday, March 16th at 11:59pm. As always, the film will be shown in 35mm at the New Beverly Cinema, located at 7165 Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles, 90036. Tickets are still 8 bucks, but I got a surprise for you - the Bev now takes credit cards! Holy crap! No need to run to an ATM! However I still recommend bringing cash and/or buying online in advance HERE so we can get the line moving a bit faster and get the movie started. I am working on special guests, keep your fingers crossed!

Feel free to post/tweet/blog/etc about the screening - David Ellis deserves a packed house! Special thanks to Jacopo Tenani who once again designed a pretty great poster for the event (which you can also share on your own sites, but please be sure to credit/link him properly!). See you there!

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