Antichrist (2009)

JULY 21, 2009


You know, I probably won't write a full review for Lars Von Trier's Antichrist. It's just not my thing, it's pure art house melodrama with some weird freaky horror shit thrown in (the end credits list a "Specialist in Horror Films" or something like that - not something you see in a true horror movie, right?). No sense rambling on and on about it; just like I wouldn't bother to read an art house lover's review of Shocker, I can't imagine a full review from me would be of any use to anyone. In short: Not for the squeamish, very slow paced, and impressively simplistic (only three people appear in the film, one only for a single scene). That's about all I'll probably say on it.

What say you?


  1. "Art House Lover" and horror movie lover are not mutually exclusive! It sounds like this movie has a lot going on in it (I just read the Phillip French review in the Guardian) and it would be interesting to hear your perspective.

  2. I'm interested in seeing it, but I seriously want to kick that fucking douche bag Lars Von Trier in the balls. How can I take such an egotistical prick, the sort who claims to be the greatest director of all time, seriously? I'm going to assume this man has never actually seen any other films, so has only his own work to go on.

  3. this movie was really good
    but also really bad

  4. the first five minutes were very powerful. but this is one fucked up film. i felt like shooting myself in the head. not for everyone!

  5. now that i have watched it, this really was a cop out freaking review. you could have at least tried! loser!

  6. I wanted to know what you thought of this film. True, it was incredibly strange, and not for many people. However, you've written something for basically everything else you've seen, so this was a disappointment.

  7. Maybe someday I'll give it another look. By now (it's been almost a year!) I don't really remember anything. Also, it was at the time of Comic Con where I was watching but not having time to write reviews for 6 days. So I just sort of made things easier on myself by not writing a lengthy review for a movie I didn't like and didn't even really understand the point of. The actors were great, but I just had zero concern for anything that was happening, and it seemed like the story was just as improvied as the dialogue.


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