UPDATED: New Commentary!

I'm trying to make up for the delays in getting both of my commentary series off the ground by giving you TWO this week! First up, here is the "Commentary Only" MP3 track for Memorial Valley Massacre, which is the 2nd track in Simon Barrett and I's "Horror People, Dear Reader" series. This is for the folks who own the film on DVD and wish to sync it themselves. The runtimes should be identical (so if the movie is at 34 minutes and 23 seconds, the commentary should also be at 34 minutes and 23 seconds). However, if you are like most people and do not own this movie on DVD, then we got you covered. Head on over HERE to watch a streaming quicktime or download the .mp4, with our comments pre-synced to the movie.

There will also be the 2nd of my solo tracks that are specific to Horror Movie A Day and are for more popular films. And believe me, this is a very popular film :). I don't want to spoil the surprise for those who don't know (or can't guess), but I can guarantee it will be more popular than Prom Night. Look for that this Thursday (or sooner!).


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